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Shimano XTR Race BR-M985 Disc Brake (discontinued)

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Shimano reliability, with the better brake feathering too

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

- The XTR Race levers do away with Shimano's "Servo Wave" lever movement, which is found on most of their products. This keeps the Race levers super smooth and much more predictable than Shimano's other brakes.
- Surprisingly durable; I've wrecked a few times and thought "there goes my expensive levers..." but the carbon levers have been just fine!
- XTR Race mate up with XT calipers for a budget-friendly, predictable combo.

The Bad:

- Less adjustability than XT levers
- I wish Shimano would offer non-servo-wave in more of their products, for easier brake feathering and better overall feel.

Overall Review:

Shimano is known for their precise movement and super reliability. The newest XTR Race levers are just that. I've ridden numerous races (Kamikaze, Sea Otter, Northstar, etc...) with these and they never let me down.

I got these XTR levers mainly because of the linear lever feel, allowing me to feather the brakes much better into turns, and control highspeed manuals. Almost all other Shimano brake levers include something called servo-wave, which are super touchy & sticky. 

Luckily, you can mate XTR levers with XT M8000 calipers. This isn't advertised by Shimano, but if you've ever seen a Shimano tech's bike.... you'll notice this is the combo they run. Can't argue with that.

Light, durable, and strong

The Good:

Great lever feel.

The Bad:

Expensive for recreational riding.

Overall Review:

I have been riding these brakes for over a year now. I have since swapped bikes, and had to move these brakes to my new ride. Just need to replace the hose for the rear, quick bleed, and back out riding.

I love the instant engagement of the race brake vs. the xtr trail brake. They are plenty strong for my type of riding, XC racing. Even so, I have taken them to North Carolina mountains and never felt brake fade on 4 mile descents. The new ICE Tech rotors are no joke. Lower running temperature means more stopping power/no fade. Best upgrade to any bike.

One change I have made to the stock brakes are the pads. They came with resin pads. I have since added Metallic pads with the radiator fins. I like instant engagement, and the new metallic pads also add a ton of bite.

XTR is quite pricey, but I promise any Shimano brake, SLX or XT brakes will have the same power. More reliable power means you will be able to go faster.


Product Shimano XTR Race BR-M985 Disc Brake
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail
Lever Material
Mount Style
Rotor Sizes
Rotor Mounting
Fluid Type
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Underpowered brakes lead to defensive riding technique and, ultimately, to slower lap times. Enter the new XTR Race brake, which encourages racers to attack technical downhill sections with confidence, leaving the competition squealing and squawking in the dust.How? First off, they produce 110 percent of the power of their predecessors while shedding precious grams at the same time, so theyre as viable a race-bike pick as ever. Throw in ergonomically re-engineered lever pivots and XTR Race lays on that power with single-finger effort.The key factor for racers is confidencethe confidence to win, and the confidence to lay off the brakes, knowing they'll be there when they're needed, every time.Levers:With ten percent more power than the previous XTR brake, the sleek new XTR Race lever has been ergonomically redesigned for a versatile fit on the handlebars, superior feel at the fingertips and unsurpassed function on the race course. * 110% power rating * Shorter, 13-millimeter brake lever with more efficient pivot location (1.5 finger) * Integrated barrel reservoir design * Hinge-clamp mounting bracket * High-power hose for consistent performance * Combine with i-spec bracket to reduce handlebar clutter * Resin pad compound with alloy backing plate (standard)Calipers:When coupled with the XTR Race lever the new forged one-piece M985 caliper delivers a balance of light weight and power that resists performance-sapping heat better than ever before thanks to an industry-first full-ceramic piston. * One piece forged post mount caliper * Oversized ceramic piston (opposed 2-piston type) * Aluminum banjo hose fittingApproximately 220 grams for the rear (lever, caliper, and hose)Uses Shimano Mineral OilIncludes lever, caliper and hosePost mount calipers
Price $206.46
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