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Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip (discontinued)

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Sensus Swayze Lock On Grips
 Sensus  Swayze Lock-On Grip  Sensus  Swayze Lock-On Grip  Sensus  Swayze Lock-On Grip  Sensus  Swayze Lock-On Grip
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Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

ODI Rubber and lock rings
Classic wavy grip style
Long grip length
Includes bar plugs

The Bad:

Shifters hit grip flange
Outer grip lip catches in lock on bolt
Small lock on bolts

Overall Review:

Picked these up for no other reason than I like to switch up my bikes look from time to time with grips and thought I would give The Sensus a try. Sensus is a rider owned company and I like to support those that ride.

The Swayze grips are designed by Sensus, but use rubber and lock-on rings from ODI. Working with ODI is great since they have an established and trusted design. However, using ODI is also a bit of a negative for me. I personally have never liked ODI's use of a very small lock-on bolts. I always feel like I am going to strip them out when tightening up.

I have been using these grips for just over a month and I am overall impressed with them. The Swayze's have a good feel. The wavey style design grips well and has a good fell. When you are just holding on they are softer and obsorb shock well, but when you really grip tight the rubber bends easily and gives good bar feel and control.

The Swayze's are the longest grip I have even ridden, which is good and bad. Good because you have more side to side positioning than average. Bad because the grips take more real estate on your bars which means brakes, shifters, etc are all gonna have to move a bit.

Along with the length being a little bit of an issue with shifters and breaks the inside flange on the Swayze is also larger then most and interferes with shifters. I run a 1 x 10 and had to do some trial and error to get my shifter and grip in a position that felt good and didn't cause a ton of interference. Currently it's a bit of a compramise and my shifter still does rub the flange a bit.

My last complaint isn't a big one, but is still there. The Swayze grips have a lip that slightly covers the lock ring on the outside. Sensus says this is so you don't feel the lock ring, but in reality creates issues with the lock ring bolt. Since the grip overlaps the lock ring it is also really easy to catch the grip in between the lock ring and the lock ring bolt. I did this a couple of times while adjusting my grips and this caused one lip to tear.

Good grip overall and would be great for dirt jumpers and bmx, but not the best choice if you are running a shifter on either side. Might not run into the shifter rub issue if you are running really wide bars.


Product Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Other
Material Awesome Rubber
Colors Black
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Here is the lock-on version of our most popular and coveted grip the "Swayze." This grip is incredible for all types of riding, featuring "Lock Cover Technology" and ODI patented lock design.
Feels like your favorite slide-on grip and locks like your favorite lock-on grip!
Price $32
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