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ODI SDG Lock-On Grip

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ODI SDG Lock-On Grip
 ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip  ODI SDG Lock-On Grip
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Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Medium thickness, Great grip - no hand slip, Comfortable

The Bad:

Wear quickly, Narrow, Expensive to color code to your bike (17$ CAD end caps), Can't buy just the grip without the end caps

Overall Review:

I've never been on board with super thin grips, they hurt my aging hands. After I had a scary moment(muddy hands)with a well known thin grip with little texture, I went looking for something else. I found the Hansolo grips by SDG and ODI. I thought, this looks interesting! They have reversed scalloped finger grips on the underside and SDG logos on the top, which provide cushion. I've never slipped a hand with these grips, no matter the weather. They are a medium thickness - 1/2 way between the Oury's and an ODI Ruffian. This is perfect for me. Downsides are that they wear quickly on the top, but not so fast I don't keep buying them. Also, if you want to color coordinate the end cap rings are expensive and you can't buy just the grip without the end caps. I have a drawer full of black end cap/rings. These are also narrow - by the time you get lock rings on both ends and add the extra flange with the SDG and ODI text, you can't really move your hand around at all. I currently am using a different grip that came on my new bike and I appreciate the extra width from a single rock ring grip.  Overall if the narrow width doesn't bother you, I would recommend this grip.


Product ODI SDG Lock-On Grip
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail, Other
Length 130mm
Material ODI Compound
Colors Grip: Black, Pink, Bright Red, Aqua, Lime Green
Clamp: Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gray, Green, Gold, Orange, Purple
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous A circular ribbed dampener spread pressure across your palm while still providing control.
The front side of the grip features ergonomically ramped logos that act like hooks for your fingers and provide traction when hanging off the rear of the bike.
Lock-On Grip System
Includes Snap Cap End Plugs
Price $29.95
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