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ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips

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 ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips  ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips  ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips  ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips
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ODI Longneck (XL)

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Great feel. Size (XL). Price.
Coolness (in my mind).

The Bad:

It's a slip on. Sometimes it slips.

Overall Review:



I bought the XL version for my trail bike and regular Longneck for my street bike.


I choose the XL because I was looking for wide grip area as I like to switch hand positions when climbing and cruising. A traditional grip with 135mm of width minus two clamps doesn't cut it. Customizable length and same pattern from flange to bar plug means a comfortable grip all the way to the edge. The bar plug strikes nice balance between flush/inconspicuous and secure/protective. The same cannot be said about big rubber lump on the end of regular version of grips (not so longneck).

As with pretty much all slip-on designs, alcohol aids the installation greatly. And, same as all slip-ons, even if they don't twist they tend to inch their way to the inside of handlebars. Having the XL option, you can have them fill the whole space from bar end to shifter/brake clamps which can stop this, lever support on new Shimano brakes is great for this. Mounted without any glue or wire they never twisted on me which cannot be said for my peers when borrowing my bike. Consider how you handle your bars before choosing these.

The ribs deform under your hand and create thin but cushy bar feel. If not using gloves I see ribs visibly pressed into my palms but never felt discomfort while riding. I still prefer to ride these with gloves.After two years of riding their wear rate accelerated massively all of sudden, disappearing in front of my eyes and leaving a sticky mess in between the ribs. Some people love that level of tackiness. Not a fan myself, I started to look around for replacement pair.


Considering the length of their service, consistent performance for most of its their spam, and less than half the price of the average lock-on grip I just bought the XL again and will most likely keep doing so over and over.

June/2020 Update
I still use and prefer to anything else. I found cheapest hairspray you can find is better for mounting (tacky after drying).

ODI longnecks, the minion of grips.

The Good:

Sticky, soft, long, perfect width.

The Bad:

Nothing, seriously.

Overall Review:

Amazing grip. There is a reason all the BMX pros who aren't sponsored by a grip company ride these. So sticky that gloves are not required, last a decent amount of time, grip the bar well and don't twist or slide, come with a great bar-end. If you do tricks and ride without gloves, get them. They are the grip that all others try to beat, but can't. Like minions haha


Product ODI Longneck ST BMX Grips
Riding Type Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Other (BMX)
Length 143mm
Material ODI grip compound
Colors Black, bright blue, green, red, purple, pink, aqua
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Classic mushroom style collapsible rib pattern
Open ends with Thug Plug end plugs included
Price $10.95
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