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Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips

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Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips
 Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips  Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips  Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips  Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips
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Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips

Longevity over comfort

Rating: Featured Member Review
Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips
The Good:

Look great, come in multiple colors, dual lock-on clamps, last a really really long time.

The Bad:

Sacrifice comfort for longevity.

Overall Review:

There are countless ways to increase performance and improve the feel of your mountain bike, from spending thousands of dollars on new suspension to lowering PSI levels in your tires. One of the less expensive ways to feel better connected to your bike is simply replacing your grips. Theres hundreds of options out there and picking the perfect ones can be hard to do. I've picked up the Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On grips with a recent bike build and with a few months of them, here are my impressions:


Multiple color ways

Dual Lock-on clamps

Length: 130 mm

Weight (with plugs): 120grams (119 grams actual)

Diameter: 31.5 mm (medium size)

Out Of The Box

The Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On grips have been around for years so I knew somewhat what to expect when removing them from their packaging. The lock on clamps are very high quality and see absolutely no issue with durability down the road. The rubber is well put together and the Lizards Skin Logo give them an aesthetically unique spin compared to other grips.


In terms of weight, these grips are spot on with the claimed weight of 120 grams. The 130mm width padded area allows for enough traction even if you need to shimmy your hands in or out of normal riding positions. 


The Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On grips were designed around medium sized hands but that is more personal preference. Having XL hands, I feel like they are completely capable of keeping in on the right path without causing too much finger ache (well, above what is expected.)


One thing I did notice however was how solid the rubber is on these grips. As opposed to striated patterns, the large blocks of rubber are built to last. After several months of riding, they have shown little to no sings of wear which I'm not able to say the same about others I've used in the past. This all comes with a trade off however. In increasing the durability of these grips by using massive blocks of rubber, the overall cushion has been reduced. Although these certainly aren't the least comfortable grips I've ran, they aren't the most comfortable. It all comes down to rider preference at this point: comfort or durability.

Bottom Line

Lizard skins have been making a wide range of grips and have been doing to for many years. The Logo Lock-On grips have been around for many of them and there's a reason for that. They scream durability. With the large rubber chunks, it would take the incredible hulk to be able to rip them off. On the other side, I feel that comfort has been somewhat sacrificed to make such a durable grip. All and all, it comes down to rider preference and what's the most important to you. Looking for ultimate durability, look no further. If you prefer a healthy balance between durability and comfort, I'd certainly look at other grips in their line-up.


Product Lizard Skins Logo Lock-On Grips
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Length 130mm x 31.5mm diameter
Material Rubber
Colors Green, black, or blue with eight customizable lock ring and plug colors
Weight 0 lb 4.2 oz (120 g)
Miscellaneous Good grip for those with medium-sized hands.
Lock-on grips include the grips, clamps, screws and plugs.
Customized engraving on lock rings +$2.99
Price $29.99
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