DMR Deathgrip Grip

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DMR Brendog Death Grip
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Awesome grip for Gloveless riding

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Super grippy, comfortable, single collar, flange option, multiple thickness options, loads of colour options and affordable

The Bad:


Overall Review:

Coming from Bmx I have always been a fan of mushroom style grips but found them lacking grip for mountain bike riding and there was never really a locking version either. The Deathgrip combines a mushroom, diamond and waffle style grip to create a grip that is just a pleasure to hold.

I went with the thin ones with a flange and personally think the flange looks awesome. As a gloveless rider these instantly appealed with only an inside locking collar and a mushroom style pattern toward the inside of the grip. The outer two thirds of the grip are a diamond style pattern with a waffle design on the underside for added grip when things get rowdy. The compound is really soft and the grips are quite forgiving over small bumps and vibrations. The locking band is pretty wide and uses a 3mm allen and I never had an issue with grips slipping. 

I ride with no gloves and never had an issue with these getting sweaty even on the hottest days. I also ride with my hand right over the outside of the bars, so found these supremely comfortable with no outside locking collar. From a comfort, grip and style perspective, I think these are the best grips i've ever bought and I have them on several bikes. 

The only negative is durability. Generally the grip wear well but perhaps a little quicker than some other grips i've used. This is pretty normal for a soft compound grip and a worthwhile trade off in my opinion. The only real issue is the outer edge or bar end area wears pretty fast, as this was the main contact of the grip and my hand I found that the bar end quickly began to peel away from the hard plastic core. This left the outer edge of rubber flapping around a bit which moved about under my hand. This issue is pretty common with single collar grips though and given the low price and incredible comfort and grip of these grips when their new it's a worthwhile tradeoff. 

I highly recommend these grips to anyone but they definitely need to be changed every 2 months or so to keep them feeling fresh. 

An excellent all-around option.

The Good:

Excellent comfort for long days. Great grip both wet and dry, with and without gloves. Easy installation. Competitive price.

The Bad:

There are limits to the amount of abuse the built in end-caps can take. Not available in purple.

Overall Review:

After using my initial pair in the super wet Pisgah 111k last year I have added these to my other bikes as well. They are all-day comfortable and still provide grip to torque the handlebar. The inner mushroom section does a great job of floating the section of grip you pinch with your thumb and the firmer lateral half of the grip doesn't wallow or squish under pressure. Grip in the wet both with without gloves remains excellent. I have added these to my lightweight single speed as well, where the combination of grip and comfort is welcome. With the soft compound they do wear faster than some of the other options out there, but the price is very reasonable.
I wear XL gloves and prefer the smaller diameter with the soft compound. The built-in bar end cover is adequate, but can experience more wear than grips with the hard plastic variety if subjected to repeated falls/tree strikes. Weight is comproble to other foam/silicon options that include a bar end-plug. Overall a great place to squeeze.

Wanted to love them, but was left disappointed

The Good:

Great colour choice
They look the bolox
You can pretend you're Brendog. Sort of

The Bad:

Not especially comfortable
Too narrow

Overall Review:

Bought a set when they first came out, and immediately went out and bought another pair for the other bike. Loved all the colour choices and they look the nuts.

But after some time in the saddle I found them rather uncomfortable; hand cramps a plenty and simply not large enough diameter for big hands. I didn't find the grip they offered to be especially confidence inspiring either.

For smaller hands I can imagine they could be ok, but just not for me

Not for me

The Good:

color options. different sizes. single lock-on. designed by the dog.

The Bad:

bar end easy to break. too skinny or too big. break time of compound.

Overall Review:

I bought the two options, one was very large and the other very thin, the compound took a while to become comfortable for my hands, I ride gloveless, and I developed big calluses very soon after using them. I had to change them in a short time because after a couple of falls the ends broke and they became too uncomfortable to use them

DMR Deathgrip

The Good:

Durable (I'm a gloveless rider)
super slippery with sweaty hands

The Bad:

The outer part gets damaged easily by clipping trees or just laying the bike on the ground

Overall Review:

- Super nice grips, they do not get disgustingly sticky.
- I had to get used to the thicker inner part of the grip.
- Slippery with sweaty hands
- I would like the inner part to be thinner
- the flange is really small, so there is no problem with shifter/brake/dropper-remote

Don't underestimate the importance of grips, it is one of your most important contact points.

The Good:

All day comfort
Loads of grip
No hot spots even without gloves
Cheaper at an LBS than Amazon
Envy of my fellow riders
A lot of color options and a couple girth sizes

The Bad:

Single clamp can get a bit of play at the speced NMs (left grip only for me)
Envy of my fellow riders

Overall Review:

I picked up a set of these sweet camo DMR Deathgrips at my LBS after looking around for a fresh set of single clamp grips with a flange.

History: I have run a variety of grips girths over the year with my preference skewed towards thinner grips because I have relatively petite hands. For years I'd get raw spots under my middle and ring fingers with and without gloves. I tried Deity, Chromag, ODI SDG, ODI TLD and a number of other grips without much relief.So I after feeling these grips at my LBS I decided to give them a shot at sub $25 I can't complain.

Install: Don't panic, it's easy. I used a torque wrench because I have carbon bars and I'm anal about that kind of stuff but I'm sure you can get by without one and be free of worry. They suggest 2nms of torque which I'm not super sure about that... more about that later.

Blurry but it does says 2nm. Nice to see it printed on clamp considering that you're squeezing them onto bars that may be over $100.

On the Trail/Feel: The grip is outstanding in the wet and dry, with or without gloves. My hands stay very comfortable all day and I no longer experience hot spots under my middle and ring finger. I really appreciate the single clamp since I tend to run my hands at the very edge of the bar. In the parking lot the texture near the flange felt weird but 10 ft down the trail and I don't notice it. I don't notice the grips at all for that matter which I suppose is the mark of a good grip.

Finger side

Palm side

Reliability/Durability: I've been on them for a few months and they still look near new. The left grip gets a bit loose after 4 or 5 rides when I torque it to spec so I over torqued it slightly and it's been solid since. 

Didn't know it said brave on it until I took this picture

DMR makes these grips if you didn't know

Overall I'm very pleased. I would have given them 5 stars if the left grip didn't loosen a couple times.

New favorite grips!

The Good:

Super grippy, waffle pattern is comfortable, single lock-on makes them more comfortable and does not slip, thumb grip, flange keeps hands where you want them.

The Bad:


Overall Review:

I have always been an ODI Ruffian user as long as I have ridden MTBs, and while I have tried other brands I have always gone back until now. This grip packs in a ton of useful features without being too expensive and it just feels right. The grip was super grippy out of the box and gained grip as it broke in.

It is very soft compared to the ruffians I had before, but they are still relatively thin ( I went with the thinner version). The softness of the grip is also their downfall in that they seem to wear faster than the average grip because of how soft they are. I am a mountain bike guide so I am moving my hands alot, which might contribute to the wear as well. The grip is the thickest by the thumb where the grip has extra ridges for your thumb. These make the grip more comfortable, but I don’t feel them while riding which is nice.

Coming from a moto background I have always loved the half waffle grips, and these grips have a useable half waffle design that does not get in the way. One of the main benefits of this grip is the single lock-on clamp. This allows your hands to be on the outside of the grip without resting on a metal clamp, so hand fatigue is reduce. I have not had them twist on me yet. Overall a super solid grip that looks rad on the bike and comes in cool colors (I was boring and got black). I would say a perfect grip for those that ride all mountain/ enduro bikes/ DH bikes, and they even feel great without gloves. Definitely my go to grip from now on!


Product DMR Deathgrip Grip
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Length 134mm
Material Available in Soft 20A Kraton or Hard 25A Vexk
Colors Black, red, pink, yellow/black, white/black, yellow, blue, grey, orange
Weight 0 lb 3.5 oz (100 g)
Miscellaneous Thin 29.8mm and Thick 31.3mm diameters available
Internally tapered single-lock core
Waffle and Knurl for grip
Mushroom for comfort
Price $24.95
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