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Spy Optic Klutch Goggles

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Minimalist but Effective

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

-Don't easily fog
-relatively cheap (They're now around $70)
-Fits my Fox Rampage Carbon just fine

The Bad:

-Vertically challenged
-Not easily cleaned/cleared

Overall Review:

Motocross and mountain biking goggles are an interesting market. Goggles aren't exactly a vessel for aggressive innovation, and in a sport where aggressive innovation is the core of it all, it can be hard to lose sight of what needs to be done. Goggles are an area designated for refinement, and in the case of Spy goggles I have seen awareness of this. Their goggles are simplistic. I have run their Klutch and Whip models trough the paces in rainy and sloppy conditions, as well as bone dry and sandstorm-threatened conditions. The minimalism is indeed valid.

I have a big face, I'll admit it, but the first thing I noticed on both models was a limited window vertically; I had to give up my unobstructed view of the sky and trees above me in order to fully appreciate the tasks ahead of me. Now if you are taking to heart the ever-present advice of "look up and ahead instead of your front tire" then this stout viewing window may, in fact, help you take that advice. I kind of feel like that's missing the point though. Goggles should do two things: let you see obstacles, and continue to let you see obstacles through adverse conditions.

The build quality of the Klutch goggles is appreciable, and they feel nice and cozy around your eyes. Their "Geo-Force" (TM) foam is actually really nice. I really prefer it over what Oakley uses, and it gives your eyes more of a sense of protection for some reason. The typical rubber gripping on the inside of the band is great, and it's not so sticky that pulling the goggles on/off your helmet feels like a hassle. It actually feels the opposite. These goggles are perfect for filming the intros to sick edits; only pros can make putting goggles on look cool.

My Oakley Crowbars prohibited fogging better than both my Klutches and Whips, but the fogging that did happen in them was minimal. One thing that does concern me is how hard it is to get water and grime off the lenses once it gets in there. The foam is pretty thick and restricts gloved entrance to the inside of the lens. Be wary of carrying the goggles around your neck while climbing up in the rain; you might leave them there on the way down after you see the smudging and struggle to wipe it off with the crinkly old pleather of your archaic and brass-knuckled gloves. Great goggles otherwise.


Product Spy Optic Klutch Goggles
Miscellaneous Spy Optic Klutch Goggles. Goggles Bike. Features: •Patented Scoop® ventilation system for superior anti-fog protection •Anti-fog scratch-resistant Lexan® lens with built-in tear-off posts •Triple layer Isotron™ face foam featuring moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece •Silicone ribbing t .... .
Price $75
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