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100% Accuri Goggles

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
100% Accuri Goggle - Gernica
 100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles  100% Accuri Goggles
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100% worth the money

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Exceptional materials
High quality lens
Foam contorts to face nicely
Tons of color options
Removable straps for cleaning etc.

The Bad:

Could have come with a true microfiber bag.

Overall Review:

I own 2 pairs of the Accuri goggles and these are by far my favorite goggles I've ever owned.

Manufacturing Quality:

I feel like 100% doesn't cut corners on their goggle production like certain companies do. The materials from the frame plastic all the way to the stitching on the strap is top notch. Compared to Smith, Oakley, and Spy, I feel the lens clarity is exceptional and the lenses tend to have a little bit more scratch resistance than other brands. The foam is also one the best, if not the best out on the market. What I mean by this is that the foam is not only soft and durable, but they mold to your face very nicely. This means you won't have dry eyes at high speeds and your eyes are safe from dirt and dust, even in the most intense crashes, trust me, I've tested that aspect multiple times. The lenses have never fogged up on my which is a plus in colder, wetter conditions. Even after a solid season of riding, the goggle band shows no signs of wear or loss of elasticity. For all of these reasons, I would recommend these goggles to anyone looking for a single pair of goggles to last a LONG time.

There are a ton of different colors to choose from as well which is different than most companies. This means people will notice your color coordination while you roost berms and huck gaps at your local resort.

Aside from that, 100% is 100% the real deal.

My only complaint is that I feel 100% could have included a true microfiber goggle bag. I would feel nervous using the polyester one they included to clean the lens.

100% Accuri Goggles

The Good:

Wide field of view. A wide variety of lens available for colour-coordinating riders.

The Bad:

Heats up after a while. Less options for straps.

Overall Review:

I've had the 100% Accuri goggles for over a year now. It’s the more easily available googles in the Philippines with several distributors in Manila. I’ve tested it both in a full-face helmet and a half shell. It had a good, wide field-of-view. The goggles is easy to clean with the supplied bag. It has a good variety of lens available to different light conditions. I mostly use the clear lens so I don’t have to wrestle with frame and lens. I’ve used it for rainy and summer seasons.

The bad. One: the lens is very hard to remove and install. You have to carefully pry the notches and move the frame this way and that to remove and install lenses. Two: it feels like a sauna in there. The airflow is restricted by the foam, both on top and below the lens.

I’d use this as a back-up goggle.

Want all the enduro cred? Buy these and match them to any pro half lid.

The Good:

Inexpensive, well made, ton of lens options, fits Bell Super, Giro Switchblade, D2, D3, Fox Mettah, Kai lids and more.

The Bad:

You'll get stuck riding in back of all the bros on dry days because you're the one with rad goggles and they're not.

Overall Review:

I've had 2 pairs of accuri goggles and they've exceed expectations.
1. They fit half and full face lids really well

2. The clarity of the lenses is solid, the field of view great, and lens options fit any conditions. Also super easy to switch them out.

3. Colors/design are on point and varied to fit anyones style

4. Price is super respectable

5. Really well made. I've used goggles from other companies and the strap has stretched and the liner foam has come off. These have been flawless

6. No slip and easy adjustable strap.

7. Great added protection from tress, mud, pebbles. 

Photos on my instagram @ryan_daugherty


Product 100% Accuri Goggles
Features All 100% Adult MX goggles share the same lens and tear-off profile, Curvature suited for comfort and great field of vision, Moisture managing triple layer foam, 9 pin lens retention system. The highest number of retention points in the industry ensures a secure fit, Oversized 45mm silicone coated strap holds your goggles motionless, Constructed out of flexible yet durable urethane.
Colors Belize, Calgary, Gernica, Krick, Origami, Solberg, Zerbo
Miscellaneous In The Box:
Mirrored Lens Models Include: An Extra Clear Lens and A Sublimated Microfiber Bag.
Clear Lens Models Include: A Sublimated Bag.

Price Ranges from $45 to $60
Price N/A
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