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Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves (discontinued)

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TLD XC Glove Pink
 Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves  Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves
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Great Lightweight Breathable Glove - 5 stars!

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Super feel and control. If you usually ride without gloves to increase feel for the trail then these are the gloves for you. Pretty plain looking with great breathability. Fairly inexpensive at under 30 dollars.

The Bad:

The older versions had a terry thumb panel for wiping your face and nose that was handy. Now it's gone and they've replaced it with a panel that isn't quite as soft but does still work.

Overall Review:

Great value and feel. If you hit the ground these have just enough to keep your hands happy. Lightweight feel makes them perfect for summer riding. They are true to size. I can operate my galaxy smartphone with them on.  Not sure if that's important to everyone, but for those that do Strava and listen to Pandora it's a benefit not to have to take off your gloves to start, stop, open and close apps while riding. I'm going five stars as this is my 5th+ pair of them and never flinch on buying another set.  Heard some reviewers at other sites saying they had troubles with graphics and seams, but I've never had either of those problems.

Great classic glove

The Good:

Durable, light

The Bad:

Maybe some fraying but that's normal after abusing them

Overall Review:

I've had a pair of these for quite a while. Durability has been outstanding. They are starting to fray on the back of the hand but it's not concerning. In fact, like a scar, it's a badge of honor because I've had them for so long. They are not as breathable as the Air or Ace gloves so I tend to wear these more now when the temps are a little cooler. The fit is fantastic as with all TLD gloves. No pinching in between fingers, no extra material on the finger tips, etc.

Free smiles included with every glove!

The Good:

Durable, lightweight gloves that are ideal for hot riding days

The Bad:

Less protection than heavier gloves (choose wisely for your terrain)

Overall Review:


Somewhere in the vast tomes of the unwritten rules of mountain biking there is a passage that states "dedicated riders should own one pair of gloves for every day that you may ride in one week." This might seem like excessive advice at first, but it doesn't state that you have to use every pair in every week, just advising that you own this minimum amount. What this does imply is that you will eventually need them all – and perhaps that you will need them all in one week.

Gloves are destined for an unglamorous lifestyle. They get sweaty, wet, dusty, mud-encased, soiled by mysterious substances by accident or on purpose, temporarily misplaced, completely lost, or perhaps chewed up by a red fox when you leave them on top of your car. Before any of that happens, we expect that they appeal (or not appeal) to our sense of fashion (or lack of sense) and must feel like fine Italian leather. Oh, and they can't cost more than a hearty dinner served with a cold pint.

I currently have three sets of gloves in rotation that satisfy those requirements. My favorites are the Troy Lee Designs XC gloves in black and gray starburst. I purchased these because of the well-designed palm and very light top fabric. The minimal design of the TLD XC gloves had that yin-yang, appeal-repel reaction right out of the gate. My other gloves have laser cut rubber pads and articulated armor across the knuckles. I have some tears and abrasions on those rubber pieces. This tells me that they have saved my hands from similar tears and rips.

The attraction to these lighter weight gloves was because of heat and heft. It was a ferociously hot and dry summer in the western USA. I wanted that light fabric to help vent the heat and not soak up the sweat during shorter rides. The palms are double stitched and reinforced in key locations so still good protection there. It is the top side that is a single layer of fabric. I took the bait and brought them home.

I have been very happy after a few months os use and reach for them over the heavier gloves. The TLD gloves are cool in the heat and are holding up well to random abuse and hand washing. The single layer of fabric is turning out to be surprisingly durable and I haven't experienced any delaminating or seam failures. I still use my armored gloves for more treacherous terrain and cooler weather, but very happy with the lighter feel of these.

A few key details I didn't notice before buying. There is a small velcro closure at the wrist for fit adjustment and the cuff has some elasticity to it. That allows you to set the width with the velcro and use these as slip-on gloves. I like this! There are perforated holes on the leather of the palm and fingers. This helps sweat drain and air vent which also leads to a cooler ride.

There is another bonus included on every glove! They have adorned the thumb with a clown-like smiley face that has stars for eyes. You can't see them while riding. But when you are digging snacks out of your pack, gearing down for trailside repairs, or getting ready for a good nose blow, their random good cheer is there to greet you. It might even cause that red fox to wag his tail just a little bit right before eats the last pieces of your sweat soaked gloves on their final day.


High Expectations

The Good:

Brand, Durability, Styling

The Bad:

Confused, Styling

Overall Review:

Let me start off by saying these gloves are nice! I like them!.. a lot actually, so why didn't I give them 5 stars? well, they are a little confused. How so?.. They say XC on them, as in cross country, as in pedal mashing, cadence clambering, hear rate hiking, crack sweating cross country! So then why are they so thick? Should I add hand sweating to that list as well? The branding makes no sense, wouldn't you want your hands to breathe a little more? maybe go for a thinner material? But at the same time that is exactly what makes these gloves so awesome! They are thick and durable because of this I use them for downhill racing and enduro riding. So XC? maybe not, but a pair of bad ass gloves that will handle high speed crashed without tearing? Heck Yes! I recommend these bad boys for everything BUT XC, they are great!.. And did I mention? they are Troy Lee Designs ;).. BUY EM!

They do the job

The Good:

Good air flow, light weight, large variety of colours and sizes, touch screen compatible, leather edging near wrist.

The Bad:

Velcro strap stops working, too thin for long rides, TLD logo peels off .

Overall Review:

I have been riding with these gloves for 9 months now and have overall been satisfied with how they have protected my hands. They have covered a large variety of impacts, from the big step down crashes to the embarrassing "i couldn't un-clip from my pedals" falls.

I'll start with the negative and end with the good.


Velcro strap: The velcro strap which keeps the glove tight around your wrist is the main negative and let down in this product. After about 10 rides the velcro strap looses it's strength and manges to comes loose constantly when riding. It is a fairly bignuisance when you have to re-strap it multiple times.
Padding: The glove's padding and thickness is okay for a couple of hours of riding, but becomes less and less effective the longer you ride. There almost comes a time when you wish to take them off due to it being too thin.

Decals: TLD needs to step it up when it comes to the decals and rubber logos on their gloves. The TLD logo and rubber designs start to detatch from the fabric. I have found this too occur on their older style gloves also.


Air flow: TLD have made 6 small pin sized holes in a triangle shape on the palm of the glove which help increase air flow. I find these to be useful when my hands are off the grips and the wind can actually reach them. There are also two holes on each finger of the glove except for the thumb slot.

Pricing: The price for the XC TLD glove is decent and not too expensive or over the top compared to some other brands.

Colour Options: The variety of colours offered for this glove will help any rider complete their riding kit. A negative to the colouring over time is that it begins to fade and turn brown if you neglect to wash the glove for a while.

Weight: The glove has a light weight feel to it, which is what you'd expect from a xc glove, however, this is counter balanced by the little amount of padding which becomes noticeable after some time riding.

Touch Screen Compatible: The glove is very easy to use with a touchscreen such as a phone or Garmin, even in the wet!

Leather edging: There is a thin roll of leather edging around the wrist and velcro strap of the glove which gives the glove a enclosed feel and sense of security for nothing to be able to get inside the glove when wearing it (e.g.- rocks, dirt). This small feature is very convenient for when you hit the ground.

Good Gloves, Famous Brand, Reasonable Price...

The Good:

Cool designs, fit in my hands, reasonable price..

The Bad:

I feel something 'disturbing' on the part between thumbs and index fingers. Needs more little time to make it really installed properly in my hands.

Overall Review:

Like anything, the gloves attracts me with the designs and finally I chose the white one. I use this gloves for XC mountain biking, and for motorcycle, and this gloves is done well. The only problem is like I said above: I need more little time to make sure that this gloves is installed properly in my hands, because I feel something disturbing.But overall, I like this gloves. I feel my hands cool and this is good point. My friend asks me where to buy this gloves. I said JensonUSA, hahaha..

Thanks..this is good gloves, famous brand, with reasonable price..


Product Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves
Rider Unisex
Material Self Dyed 2-Way Stretch Spandex Body
Dual Layer Perforated Clarino Synthetic Leather Palm
Size S - XXL
Color Orange, Black, Blue, Flo Yellow, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Megaburst - Black/Gray, Blue/Black, Red/Black
Miscellaneous Velcro Wrist Closure
Sonic-Welded TPR Graphics on Top of Hand and Fingers
Price $30
More Info

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