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Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves (discontinued)

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TLD Air Glove - Black
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Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Good fit, Comfortable, Durable, Breathe well, Come clean in wash

The Bad:

Silicone comes off finger tips pretty quick

Overall Review:

Gloves are gloves right? Well in a way yes, but in many ways no. Gloves needs to feel natural and forgotten about while riding, breathe well in the summer, give good grip on the bars and brake levers, and last. I believe finding the right gloves for your hand is important and the TLD gloves fit me great. Their finger length and overall size is good for my average hands. I prefer lighter weight type gloves with a single layer palm that breathe well. Knowing what I like, the TLD Air Gloves sounded like the right fit for me. These gloves have Velcro backed TPR wrist closures and light/breathable lycra spandex mesh bodies. They come in multiple colors to match perfectly to whatever kit you may have.

What are They Like on the Trail?

I used these gloves for both trail riding and downhill over the course of a little over a year. Just like everyone that uses gloves, I wanted a pair that would last for as long as possible and be comfortable. As I had mentioned earlier, you want to forget about them while riding; these accomplish just that. Once I am riding, I do not even notice they are on my hands. They feel as though they are part of my hands during the ride. There is no awkward feeling seams and the wrist closure is confortable and secure.

As much as a good fit is important, their grip on the bars and brake levers are just as important. The index and middle finger tips come with striped silicone on them to help grab with. As with most gloves this did come off rather quickly. I have become used to this and actually feel like they do not make a huge difference anyway. The gloves grip my SDG by ODi grips very well and my Hope Tech 3 brake levers just as well. I never feel like they are slipping even in the middle of a ride in the rain or from all the sweat in the summer heat.

It is inevitable that you are going to get them dirty either from dirt/mud, snot, or maybe even blood. All of which my gloves encountered. Who wants a pair of crusty and smelly gloves? Once they became pretty dirty or stank to high heavens, I threw them in the washing machine with my other gear for a wash with no pre-treatments. They came out clean every time which I can not say about all of my biking garments.



How have they held up? After taking multiple spills over the course of using these gloves, they finally ripped on the palm. It is not major, but I feel like they have given a good amount of life. they can now be used for trail work days. They still fit my hand well and have not stretched out significantly. They have been on and off of my hands hundreds of times between shuttles and ride days, There are no seams coming undone and the velcro still works good on the wrist closures. I have liked them so much that on my newest pair of gloves, I replaced them with the new versions from TLD, the SE Pro Glove in the same color. I really could not ask for more in a pair of gloves. Plus, who does not like all of the bright colorways and designs TLD offers?

Comfortable Gloves that Don't Hold Up Well

The Good:

many color options, good grip and breath-ability, price is right

The Bad:

don't hold up

Overall Review:

I purchased these new, they were my first set of TLD gloves, I loved them immediately and wore them every time I went out, my other gloves gave me the look of disgust and made me feel like a traitor every time I went out.  After about a years worth of use, the seam on one of the index fingers let go.  When my other gloves found out they all laughed at me and I got the whole I told you so speech.  I still use my holy TLD gloves but now I make sure my Fox Dirtpaw's are in the rotation.  I would say we have a decent working relationship but I still get dirty looks whenever I wear them.  To summarize, the TLD's are nice but did not hold up to a season of trail riding and light DH use. 

My go-to gloves

The Good:

no bulky padding or seams in the wrong place, has the motto "pop wheelies" on it

The Bad:

tight wrist enclosure, grippers came off too soon

Overall Review:

I've been through a bunch of gloves over the years and so far theserise to the top as my favorites.  I am now on my second set of these gloves, after recently picking up a new pair when looking to bump up my online shopping cart to free shipping status.

Many gloves have rubber grippers on the fingers but the TLD air gloves have expanded that concept and have added some to the palm area as well.  This makes your hands feel like they are glued to the bar, especially if you have a fresh set of grips.  A downside is that the rubber grippers on fingers started to come off sooner than I had hoped (after about 6 rides they began peeling off slowly).

I have found the minimalist style of glove fits my preference and the shape of these gloves fits my hands.  The fabric itself is thin, yet the weave on it make it tough enough to handle the occasional dab with the earth.  There is one thing about the fit that I'd prefer to be changed and that is the velcro wrist enclosure which is tight in my opinion.  A longer strap would be better as currently only a small section of the end of the strap is able to "catch" and keep it together, but I haven't had it come apart when riding so no major issue here.

Despite a couple of minor complaints, these remain my go-to gloves.

Solid, simple glove

The Good:

Great feeling palm, strap on top of wrist, color choices

The Bad:

Seems a little bigger than other gloves, but not an issue yet

Overall Review:

Picked these up because I saw them in a video I believe and thought they looked cool. My current gloves were starting to fall apart after almost 2 years. I wanted a basic glove this time around, and something about the look of these gloves stuck out to me. I really like the palm, and it seems thick and durable, but not so thick that you lose feel. I also like that the strap is on top of the glove, because my last gloves had issues with the straps getting messed up in crashes and when pulling on the glove. These gloves even have a slightly extended palm and rubber grips on the bottom of the wrist to make it easier to pull on. Lots of colors like TLD always has. They feel nice and light while riding, living up to the "Air" name. The only thing noticed is that the size large seemed a bit bigger than other gloves, to the point where I was tightening it a bit more than expected and it seemed looser on my hand. No issues while riding though, and I'm wondering if it might shrink a bit during washing. Haven't had these long enough to comment on durability or crashing, but so far the palm seems like it's not wearing at all. I switched over to ESI Chunky grips when I got these, and love the combo. I'll give them 5 stars, since the sizing difference is not noticeable while riding.

Awesome Gloves!

The Good:

Durable, Great Fit, Velcro Lastssss

The Bad:

Not sure I've found one

Overall Review:

These gloves are awesome. I've had many pairs of gloves blow thru in the thumbs, index fingers, or palm area...Mostly due to crashing or extended use.  But I've had this same pair for 2 years now....The velcro still works fine, no holes are apparent anywhere, and the white lettering on the inside of the index and middle finger is still sticky!  That sticky index finger + middle finger grab brake levers primo.

Like I said, I've blown thru a ton of gloves. After going bike shop one time and explaining how I've had many gloves tear the thumb and finger areas when I crash, the shop recommended these.  He even claimed I could keep my receipt and if they torn thru on me I could bring them back to get new ones.  I left thinking I would be back in 6 months or so, but not the case at all.  They last forever!

Excellent minimalist glove

The Good:

Thin without being flimsy, breathable, comfortable. Great for cross-country or trail riding if you don't like thick, bulky gloves.

The Bad:

Wrist closure is a bit large

Overall Review:

I've always preferred thinner gloves because they provide a better feel for the bar. My favorite pair of Fox Digits wore out after three seasons and I picked up these TLDs as a replacement. I've been stoked on them ever since. They're thin enough to give me a good grip on the bar, but tough enough to keep my hands from getting torn up when I hit the ground. I've crashed in them, and they've saved me from any major scrapes or cuts. They allow enough air in to keep my hands relatively cool even on hot climbs. After months of racing, riding, and crashing, I have yet to see a loose stitch. The wrist closure is larger than I'd like, but that's probably only an issue for me. These are solid gloves, and I'll get another pair if I manage to wear these out.


Product Troy Lee Designs Air Gloves
Rider Unisex
Material Self Dyed 2-Way Stretch Spandex Body
Dual Layer Perforated Clarino Synthetic Leather Palm
Sonic-Welded TPR Graphics on Top of Hand and Fingers
Velcro Wrist Closure
Size S - XXL
Color Black, Black/Black, Blue, Flo Green, Flo Orange, Flo Pink, Flo Yellow, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Red/Red, White, White/White, or Yellow
Price $29
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