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100% Speedcraft LL Glasses

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100% Speedcraft - White / Orange
 100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses  100% Speedcraft LL Glasses
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Tested: 100% Speedcraft Glasses

Rating: Vital Review

by AJ Barlas

In the world of downhill the vast majority of riders sport a pair of their favorite goggles for eye protection, whether against dust and debris, or to keep the wind out of their eyes. It's so common that more often than not we're surprised to see someone rocking a full-face helmet without a pair.

Step down to the trail bike though and eyewear flips the other way, with those rocking some protective glass tending to be the black sheep in the paddock. Goggles and the half-shell helmet have grown in popularity, but realistically goggles are far from the best tool for this application. While some of the rationale for this is no doubt the fog issue, a good chunk of why riders opt to go sans eyewear on the trail bike possibly stems from the dork factor.


100% are making moves to change that while keeping functionality of high importance. So how do their new Speedcraft glasses stack up? Dive in to find out.

Speedcraft Highlights

  • Available in Long Lens (LL) and Short Lens (SL) versions
  • Megol Rubber nose pads and temple arms
  • Enhanced Space for increased airflow
  • Temple arm scoops for a firm fit
  • Single lens shield for flawless clarity
  • Hydrophobic lens coating to repel water
  • Anti-Reflective interior lens coating
  • Wrap-Around design for reduced movement and more coverage
  • Replacement lenses with multiple tints for all light conditions
  • Two interchangeable nose pieces
  • MSRP: $175–$195 US

Initial Impressions

We received the Speedcraft early in the spring and were pretty impressed from the outset. In fact, we dug the concepts and first glances seen late in 2014, but having them in hand brought the realization of clever execution from concept to production. As with most performance eyewear, the Speedcraft is delivered in a case to protect them. It's key that your valuable eyewear be taken care of so that it can better do its job when out on the bike, and who wants to accidentally smash up a new investment such as these?

Inside the box are two pairs of lenses; an almost clear lens for darker rides in the trees or late afternoon laps, and your choice of a number of more heavily shaded and mirrored variations. The frame color and darker/mirrored lens choice is how you decide on the package you are most interested in. A synthetic stash pouch is also included, as well as two nose pieces to help semi-customize the fit to the shape of your face. All of this fits within the storage case in purposely shaped locations, keeping everything separate and secure.


The lines and colors of the Speedcraft have that classic 1980's styling, with subtle changes to pull in a more modern and aggressive look. They sit a little further from the face in an effort to increase airflow between the back of the lens and the rider's face. In addition to this extra space, the frame shape helps direct air, as does the inclusion of two vents on the lower portion of the large lens, and two more on the arms near the ear.

The clever rise across the mid-brow is intended to provide riders with a larger field of view, whether in or out of the saddle, and enables riders to see further down the trail without obstruction. The frame is also easy to snap away from the lens, making it simple to swap out lenses or accessories. Model options relate to lens size with the LL (long, or large lens) and SL (short, or small lens) speaking to the amount of vertical coverage provided.


On The Trail

From the outset, the Speedcraft has done a great job of keeping branches, dust, and general debris out of our eyes. We initially started with the darker of lenses, and while great for bright, hot days, they were a little dark for the thick canopies experienced in the PNW and Sea to Sky region. The darker lenses are manageable on the after work rip, but we generally found the clearer lens to be a better all-rounder later in the day.


Coverage with the LL lens option is great, and is as close to a goggle as we've gotten from a pair of shades. The lens wraps around the side of the face, doesn't obstruct the field of view, and provides ample protection. The rise in the middle of the upper frame actually works great to increase the field of view and is something not seen on other glasses of a similar style, mostly thanks to these being developed specifically for cycling. Clarity and distortion through all of the lens options has also been great, and the lenses do an excellent job of cutting back on glare off the face.

Ventilation is very good, though after a long haul stopping for a short rest can result in some fogging. Fogging typically starts at the upper portion and the longer the rider sits the more it will fog. This obviously depends on a number of factors, but it is worth mentioning. We're still waiting for someone to solve the fogging issue in all scenarios. Despite this, they remain clear for longer than similar glasses, and almost immediately clear up when you start moving again.


Things That Could Be Improved

The Speedcraft has been a treat to ride in, though there is still room for improvement. We've primarily been testing the glasses with the Troy Lee Designs A1 half-shell helmet and have found that the Speedcraft frame comes into contact with the helmet. This will not be the same for everyone or every helmet, but it's a possibility. It's not bad enough to bug us day in, day out, but it can cause some less than desirable pressure points. Perhaps take your helmet with you when considering purchasing a pair, to see if you have a contact issue.

We've found that the nose bridge on the LL version catches our attention from time to time, which can be mildly distracting when you're blitzing down the trail. If this is potentially going to be an issue, consider the SL which does away with this piece of the nose bridge altogether. Regardless, once the glasses had been worn a half dozen times this was rarely noticed again.


The pattern in which we most commonly saw fog appear in our test glasses has us thinking that some ventilation holes in the upper portion of the lens would be a good idea. It makes sense that the hot air getting trapped here would fog them up so considering more room, or areas for this hot air to escape, similar to that of a goggle could potentially alleviate this problem. As we already mentioned, while they fog up once stopped after a big effort, they do clear up quickly once you get moving again.

Long Term Durability

We've been really impressed with the durability and scratch-free state that the Speedcraft has remained in, even after months of testing. They've accompanied us on every trail ride that a half shell was the helmet of choice and continue to function well, while remaining as clear as the day we received them. We don't see any reason for this not to continue if proper care is taken.


Whats The Bottom Line?

100% have entered the cycling eyewear market with an instant banger. The Speedcraft has an aggressive, goggle-inspired style that steers away from some of the super nerdy looking glasses of the past while keeping it traditional in other aspects. Appearances are very subjective, but there's no denying that the functionality of the Speedcraft has it heading toward the winner's circle, and on their first attempt no less. These will remain our glasses of choice for some time, regardless of what people decide they look like on the trail. The ability to clearly see where we're going while having our eyes protected is paramount, and the Speedcraft does a great job of this.

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Bonus Gallery: 31 photos of the Speedcraft up close and in action

About The Reviewer

AJ Barlas started riding as most do, bashing about dirt mounds and popping off street curbs. Not much has changed, really. These days the dirt mounds have become mountains and the street curbs, while still getting sessioned, are more often features on the trail. He began as a shop monkey racing downhill since day zero, only to go 'backwards' and start riding and racing BMX later on. He then came full circle once moving to Whistler. AJ loves riding everything from 8 hour mountain pass epics (bonking) to lap after lap in the park and 20 minute pumptrack sessions at sunset. Driven by his passion for biking and exposing people to the great equipment we ride, AJ started and maintains the Straightshot MTB blog. So long as wheels are involved, and preferably dirt (the drier and dustier the better), life is good.

My roadie glasses before Sagan made them cool.

The Good:

Super steeze, aero AF, tons of protection, rad lens options, quality design/construction

The Bad:

Wearing these makes all your bros jealous

Overall Review:

I've put over 5k miles on these glasses and they feel new pulling them out of the supplied hard case.
1. The mirrored finish is robust

2. the fit really well with giro and poc lids

3. Ventilation is stellar even on hot, humid days full of climbing

4. Tons of protection from bugs and road grime

5. They're the perfect addition to any race ready kit

I have only used these twice MTBing they they were solid even though I prefer the extra protection of goggles. I'm sure I'd wear them more if I rode XC more.


The Good:


The Bad:


Overall Review:

I really enjoyed that sunglass !!! For me it it is one of the nicest shades of 2015! Wonderful and fits well people that like big lens and have big head, like me.To be perfect ,nose pad and the rods must have adjustment, like uvex 107 vario and other brands...


Product 100% Speedcraft LL Glasses
Rider Unisex
Style Sport
  • Megol Rubber Coated Nose Pads and Temple Arms Offer Superior Fit and Comfort
  • Enhanced Space Between Lens and Face Increases Airflow and Prevents Fogging
  • Temple Arm Scoops Form a Secure Fit to Your Head and Manage Moisture
  • Single-Lens Shield Cylindrical Lens Provides Flawless Clarity
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Exterior Lens Coating Repels Water and Oil
  • Anti-Reflective Interior Lens Surface Coating Reduces Sidelight Reflections
  • Wrap-Around Design Reduces Movement on Your Face and Extends Coverage
  • Additional Replacement Lenses Available in Multiple Tints for All Light Conditions
  • Colors Fire Red, Orange, Neon Yellow, Cyan/Black, Black, or Gunmetal with either Mirror Lens and Extra Low-Light Lens or Smoke Lens and Extra Low-Light Lens Options
    Miscellaneous In the Box:
  • Extra Low-Light Lens
  • EVA Molded Carrying Case
  • Sublimated Micro-Fiber Bag
  • 2 Interchangeable Nose Pads (1 Standard Fit and 1 Small/Asian Fit)

    Price Ranges from $175 to $195
  • Price $195
    More Info

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