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Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame (discontinued)

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 Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame  Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame
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The GG/DH is one BAMF

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Fantastic geometry, stiff as hell, pretty light, simple to maintain, easy to set up according to rider taste, you get to support a truly good company made up of really cool guys and gals, great perks including free T-shirt and access to discounted component purchasing

The Bad:

My hopes of smoking Loic Bruni on the WC circuit remain unrealized.

Overall Review:


Large frame

CCDB shock
Dorado Expert
Zee drivetrain and brakes
Saint crankers
823s on Hadleys (26)
'Woo approved G5 rubbers
Mandatory Thompson post, WTB saddle and Renthal bars

Just to give some context, I am coming off a 2012 V10.4 and an IH Sunday before that and have spent a good bit of time on a demo some years ago. I liked a lot about the V10, but as my trail bikes grew longer, the (large) V10 really started to feel small and did not give me the same sense of security I love about a DH bike. I found myself wishing that my DH bike could just be a bigger, badder version of my Banshee Spitfire in terms of fit and feel. After several helpful conversations with Will at GG, I was convinced that the GG/DH would fit the bill (and my budget) so I pulled the trigger on a large GG/DH. Being 6'2" but with T-rex arms, I debated on size but Will steered me onto a large and I'm so glad he did. 4-5 weeks later the frame arrived. Build up was completely uneventful and I have to say this frame is a work of art. Perfect welds everywhere you look and everything clean and well finished. Nice. My only niggle is with the flip chips for adjusting CS length. When I go to push the axle through, it pushes the chip out of its little seat which means I need to hold it in place while guiding the axle and lining up the rear wheel. It's just a bit awkward. No biggie, but I kinda wish there was a little screw to hold the chip in place or something.

Anyhow, getting suspension set was ridiculously easy, I just started at the recommended base tune, added a quarter turn more HSC/HSR and 2 clicks of LSC/LSR as recommended for my weight. I ended up adding another quarter turn of HSR and one more click of LSR as I felt I was getting a tiny bit bucked on some jumps. Super happy with how it feels now--I don't think I've ever got a bike dialed that quickly. Everything else was a carry over from the V10 so things felt familiar. The dorado is set to 18% sag, 2 clicks from full closed HSC and 9 clicks from closed TPC.

As for the ride, I really feel like GG hit it out of the park in accomplishing their stated mission objective. The frame is pretty light, real stiff, easy to set up, and presumably easy to maintain given the single pivot. The bike wants to go fast (as it says on the top tube) and feels better the more you push it. The rear end eats up chatter but really ramps up nicely--never felt it bottom hard and never felt out of sorts no matter what pile of garbage I was landing on. It's a really balanced bike--I could run shit over with abandon (Beech is pretty rocky and loose at the moment), but I could still pick up and hop over things when I wanted to. I think that someone wanting to plow could be happy with this bike but a finesse rider could find a set up he wanted as well. Cornering is predictable and it was easy to load up and pop out of berms. I'm just OK at jumping and I felt really comfortable in the air as soon as I got suspension set. Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience from ordering to build up to first ride. I see a lot of fun days aboard this rig in my future.

Quality Frame, Great Price, Awesome Company

The Good:

Easy to set up, easy to maintain, great suspension characteristics, made in the U.S.

The Bad:

I guess they're taking manufacturing jobs away from Taiwan...

Overall Review:

The bike is pretty much all they say it is: simple, stiff, likes going fast. The suspension lends itself to getting up and over obstacles.  I have it set up so it has plenty of traction while maintaining great bottom out resistance. In fact, I don't think I have ever been more comfortable just sending it to flat or less-than-ideal landing situations; the suspension is that confidence inspiring.  The geometry is great; slightly longer reach gives an unreal feeling of security. I expected a bike with more length to be harder to throw around in the air, but honestly I haven't noticed a significant difference. The bike corners excellently too. I don't notice any lateral flex no matter how hard I push it into corners.

I have been really pleased with mine, and would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

Sweet ride in a amazingly simple package

The Good:

No Flex / Easy to tune / Simple maintenance / Great geometry options / Clean cable routing / Easy to build up / Great on fast or steep tight trails / Pedals well / No noticeable brake-jack

The Bad:

Hummmm of the top of my head I can't think of any to date...

Overall Review:

The GG/DH is on par or surpasses many of the current mainstream downhill bikes. A weekend warrior or a seasoned racer can set-up the bike for fun and to win races. I know for a fact that the bike can be built up to a 36.5Lb race bike with basic downhill parts. It is a great bike to ride, rails corners, rips through steep gnarly trail sections and is simple to maintain. Set up is super easy with the GG/DH baseline recommendations, a couple runs to tweak in the suspension to personal preference, and the bike is ready for race day.


Product Guerrilla Gravity GG/DH - 2013 Frame
Riding Type Downhill
Rider Unisex
Sizes and Geometry
Long, Short View Geometry
Size Long Short
Top Tube Length
Head Tube Angle 63.5°, 64.2° 63.5°, 64.2°
Head Tube Length
Seat Tube Angle
Seat Tube Length
Bottom Bracket Height 13.6/14 13.6/14
Chainstay Length 17/17.5 17/17.5
Wheelbase 46.75/47.25 46/46.5
Reach 16.25 15.5
Wheel Size 26"
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Material Details 7005 Aluminum
Rear Travel 203.2mm
Rear Shock 9.5" x 3"
Head Tube Diameter 1.5"
Bottom Bracket 83 mm
Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions 150 mm
Front Derailleur Size N/A
Seatpost Diameter 31.6
Max Tire Size 2.5 Schwalbe DH tire fits in the long chainstay setting
Bottle Cage Mounts Gnar mounts
Colors There will be five color choices voted on by you, the riders
Warranty 1 year no-questions asked; lifetime crash replacement
Weight 7 lb 15 oz (3,600 g)

The GG/DH is the downhill workhorse, built for serious riders that aren't wooed by the newest fancy designs, but prefer a refined machine that is built to last, likes goin' fast, and is made in the good ol' US of A.

It's the bike for the those that like to get out and ride day in and day out, for riders that want something that's high performance, but easy to maintain. With a highly refined design that eliminates all unnecessary complication, the suspension platform is progressive and the frame laterally stiff. The geometry is low, slack, and adjustable. The ride characteristics provide a lively, nimble platform that pedals extremely well for its shred-tastic capabilities.

Price $1,825
More Info

There are several customizable complete builds that accommodate all budgets, in addition to framesets for those looking to just swap over their current spec.

Framesets start at 1825

Complete builds start at 3555

To learn more, please visit,

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