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Tested: Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal
Vital Review

by David Howell

Some say you only get one chance to make an initial impression. Well, Canfield Brothers nailed it with the Crampon Magnesium pedal. Sleek lines, a generously sized platform and super thin leading edges combine together to create one of the most attractive pedals I have had the chance to lay my eyes on. With the magnesium pedals coming in at around $200, they may not be cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Crampon Magnesium Pedal Highlights

  • 6-10mm Thick Magnesium Body
  • DU Bushings
  • Chromoly Axle
  • Replaceable Dual Sided 10mm Steel Traction Pins
  • Durable painted finish
  • Black, Gray, Blue, Red, White Colors
  • Weight: 9.9 oz (282 g)
  • 106mm Square Platform
  • Patented Convex Shape
  • MSRP $200

On The Trail

Simply saying that these pedals are thin doesn’t do them justice – you need to feel how thin they are to believe it. Traction pins with allen heads on both sides mean that just because you damage a pin, you can still easily unthread it from the pedal body from the opposite side. Each pedal is clearly marked with an “L” or “R” on the body, which makes installation incredibly easy, unless you don’t know right from left.

Canfield Brothers says that having a super-thin, 6mm thick leading edge leads to less pedal strikes and more efficient pedaling - and I have to agree with that statement. Riding with such a thin pedal makes pedaling up your favorite trail less of a chore because you can concentrate a bit more on spinning rather than just mashing climbs like the hulk.Experiencing a leading edge strike with these pedals is going to take some serious skill – if you ride with a soft rubber shoe, like Five Tens, your shoe will probably hit the ground before any metal ever does – they are that thin. Chamfered outside edges also give a bit of added insurance that your pedal won’t hang up if you clip it on an obstacle as well as give the pedals a sleeker, smoother, more thought out appearance. The generous platform size is massive for a pedal so light and is large enough to give riders with bigger feet plenty of real estate for a comfortable ride.

Things That Could Be Improved

The only thing about these pedals I’m not in love with is the convex profile over the spindle. At times it feels like you just can’t keep your foot planted in one spot due to the bulge at the spindle. Taking out the pin just in front of the spindle and adding a bit of grip tape may help a bit, but in some rougher sections my feet had a tendency to skip around the pedals more than on my other “new style” super thin DH pedals. Once I got some miles in I did notice a few millimeters of lateral play of the pedal body on the spindle, but after a few seconds with a wrench to snug things up a bit they were feeling great and smooth once again.

Long Term Durability

After plenty of rides and a couple crashes, these pedals seem like winners in the long term. The durable, painted finish still looks beautiful and has only come off in the spots I have clipped rocks or crashed on them, and the axles still spin straight and smooth despite taking some pretty large impacts.

What's The Bottom Line?

Although there may be some pedals out there that work slightly better for me, the Crampon Magnesium pedals are the perfect combination of form and function. The grip is good, the weight is good, and long term durability isn't much of a concern. Be prepared to get noticed with these pedals and spend some time answering questions about them – people will want to know where they can get a pair of their own.

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About The Reviewer

David Howell has been riding bikes for the last 11 years, with the majority of that being downhill and trail riding. He raced some downhill in Colorado, but now prefers dirt jumping, trail riding or downhilling with his friends. Working in shops for six years fueled his passion for riding all styles of bikes and has provided an in-depth knowledge of current parts and trends in the industry. His favorite trails are fast and have a good mixture of rough, rocky sections mixed with smoother flowy sections – natural jumps and berms just add to the fun. With a plow riding style and tipping the scales at 235-pounds, he puts the hurt on even the beefiest components.


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2 member reviews

Canfield Crampon Magnesium
The Good
Great pedal.. Thin, light, strong grrrrippy!
The Bad
DU bushings develop loud clank once they wear down, easily rebuilt though and back to normal. Pins need to be snugged down as they can fall out if not tight. On the mags, the paint chips fairly easily.
Overall Review:
Just like their predecessor, the Crampon Ultimate, they have a nice big platform, nice and tight to the crank arm. Convex design is very comfortable to ride on, they seem like they cradle my foot better than others. Grip on these is unreal!  When I first got them they were TOO sticky so I had to remove some pins but with some wear they became just right.  Lightest flat pedal out there, and just as strong as any other.

Best flat pedal I've owned!  Light, strong, slim and stylish, another winner from the C2 team!


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Canfield Crampon's Magnesium
The Good
Everything! Can't find a single thing bad...
The Bad
Just wished I was able to give these away to my bro's as Christmas stocking stuffers..
Overall Review:

incredibly Light, beefed up where needs to be, just the right amount of pedal surface area, well-thought out pin placement and choice of pins, superior bearings, ultra thin, sexy look, can take a beating, and most importantly, they work amazing! Tried all other pedals. Canfield has the midas touch, their products are top notch! You won't regret investing in a pair of these!


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Canfield Crampon Magnesium Pedal
Riding Type
Cross Country
Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Body Material
Other: Magnesium
Body Material Details
Magnesium, Thin 6-10mm pedal bodies, 106mm wide x 106mm magnesium platforms, Patented convex shape
Bearing Type
DU Bushing
Spindle Spec
Chromoly Axle
Pin Spec
Replaceable dual sided 10mm steel pins
Black, Raw, White
0 lb 9.9 oz (282 g)
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Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
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Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
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