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Canfield Crampon Ultimate Pedal

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Simply Amazing Pedals

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Super thin pedal body
Aluminum construction with machined pedal body surface
Threaded traction pins provide ample amounts of traction

The Bad:

Pedal pins can fall out if not loc-tited or kept snug (replacement pins included though)
Pedals develop a bit of side to side movement with heavy use

Overall Review:

These pedals are great. I recently did a review on the Crampon Magnesium pedal, and while these are slightly heavier, they performed better for me. I really like the machining on the pedal body - it gives me the extra traction I just couldn't quite get on the magnesium pedals. The shape of the pedal body itself is amazing - it is flat enough that you don't feel like it is a convex pedal but still gives you a very thin leading pedal edge.

Overall, these pedals are my go-to favorites and get ridden more than any other pairs of flats I own. Definitely worth the money.

Most natural feeling pedals I've ever seen

The Good:

Excellent Pedal shape. Ultra thin 6mm thickness. Super light weight. Pins keep your feet pinned. Confidence inspiring.

The Bad:

Rebuild is somewhat difficult to do.

Overall Review:

Going on my third pair of these pedals, There's a reason why I have stuck with them. Summed up, they are completely confidence inspiring. So much of mountain biking is confidence, in yourself and your bike.


The biggest reason I feel these increase confidence is the thinness of the pedal. The closer your foot can get to the center of the center of the spindle (center of rotational point), the more natural and fluid one's pedaling will be. Think of it this way, imagine using a pedal that is 3 inches thick. How would that feel while sprinting? A little weird huh. Coming from the Straitline Defacto pedal (17mm thick) I noticed a HUGE difference in pedaling. I know I could rant and rave all day about the importance in having a thin pedal, all I can do is ask you to try out a thinner pedal. I promise you will never go back.


These pedals come with a patented convex shape. What this means is that the Canfield brothers molded this pedal to match the contour of your own foot (around the balls of your feet). When getting on these pedals for the first time, I was blown away on how well it felt. This is the reason why.


The dimensions of these pedals are 105mm x 105mm x 6mm. This size is big enough to feel complete support, even in the most extreme situations, but small enough that you can easily step off the pedal without getting caught on the outer pins.


At 342 grams, these pedals of one of the best ones out there, price per gram. If you are a weight weenie wiener, you can opt for the magnesium model that weigh in at an insane 280 grams. I have a buddy that has the magnesium ones and they are insanely impressive.


These certainly aren't the most durable ones out there but I haven't completely smashed them off either. In short, I have been quite surprised with how durable these pins have been. No disappointment at all.


These pedals come with a chromoly spindle. This means that they are touch as steal because they are steal. After some of the highest impact, overshooting, huck to flat situations, these pedal have stayed true. I've never broken one and I've never seen another one broken. That should speak for itself.

Only one complaint

My only complaint is that these pedals begin to loosen up after a full season or two of riding. It's not the spindle bolts coming loose. It's the bushings starting to wear out. They come with pedal bushings with a teflon coating. Great for strength but they do wear out. As for rebuilding, it's somewhat difficult getting those metal bushings to pop out but it's not impossible. You may want to take them to local bike shop of ship them back to Canfield to have them overhauled, not a huge issue for the confidence you get while riding them.

I would buy these pedals again and would recommend them to anyone and everyone I meet.

Crampon Ultimates

The Good:

Great pedal.. Thin, light, strong grrrrippy!

The Bad:

DU bushings develop loud clank once they wear down, easily rebuilt though and back to normal. Pins need to be snugged down as they can fall out if not tight.

Overall Review:

Really nice big platform, nice and tight to the crank arm. Convex design is very comfortable to ride on, they seem like they cradle my foot better than others. Grip on these is unreal!  When I first got them they were TOO sticky so I had to remove some pins but with some wear they became just right.  Also very light, they work well on everything from the DH rig to the DJ.

Best flat pedal I've owned!  Light, strong, slim and stylish, another winner from the C2 team!

Great pedals for the price

The Good:

Lightweight / Thin
Great grips

The Bad:

Pins need Loctite
Will rip your shins up
Bearings / Bushings don't seem that great

Overall Review:

These pedals are incredibly thin, reasonably light, and come in at a great price point. They hold on to your feet really well, but allow you to adjust easily when needed.  I've found that I climb just as fast with these pedals as with clips because you can pull up so far into the pedal stroke.

The badness: the bearings or bushings don't seem like they're sealed that well and have developed a small amount of play in a relatively short amount of time.  They also don't spin as freely as I would have hoped.  Be warned tho, you need to Loctite the pins in place.  I probably lost half of the pins in the first two rides and didn't have any pedal strikes.  Luckily Canfield supplies you with extra pins so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Great pedals, love the color, still using them on several different bikes.


Product Canfield Crampon Ultimate Pedal
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Body Material Aluminum
Body Material Details 106mm wide x 106mm platforms, Thin 6 front impact edges, Patented convex shape
Bearing Type DU bushings
Spindle Spec Chromoly Axle
Pin Spec Replaceable dual sided 10mm steel pins
Colors Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green and Gold
Weight 0 lb 12.1 oz (342 g)
Price $149
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Canfield Brothers website

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