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Burgtec Penthouse Flats Mk3 Pedal with Ti Axle (discontinued)

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I like my pedals like I like my women. Wide.

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Strong, stable, not disposable

The Bad:

The only thing I don't like was the cost, but I've got my original set from a couple years ago. They look like they went through Afghanistan (and they could probably survive an IED) and I'm stoked they are still just like new functionally despite being beat on lots of rocks.

Overall Review:

I guess at the end of the day I'm stoked that I've got the widest platform out there, and I see some of my buddies with the new 'lightest' thing every year. That's the thing though, they get new stuff every year and it all looks like garbage (as in disposable) to me. I just want my bike to work and my pedals have been at it since 2008. I know they are more baller than anything else out there. I guess it is like having the sleeper car that can smoke the competition. I also don't like having what everyone else has.

The next best thing to actually having a penthouse.

The Good:

Top-notch quality. They come with a British accent. Traction is like a Stage 5 Clinger. You instantly go faster, just like, BAM. Pretty sure they are made from asteroid metal because they are tougher than Thor. If you want to feel planted and STURDY LIKE A MIGHTY OAK TREE (yell from atop a mountain), then these are probably for you.

The Bad:

If you have an "adult job", then these will cost you about 1-2 days pay. But you without a doubt get what you pay for.

Overall Review:

It should be noted that the customer service they provide is unlike any other company in the industry - it is so, soooo the truffles at your rich cousin's wedding (delicious). I digress:  I encountered a bizarre and unheard of issue, one so extreme the employee on the other end of the line asked my to repeat what I said, but once the problem was established, the problem was taken care of without hesitation.  The pedals and the company should be the set standard for what quality and service are like with any and all industries.  Big fan over here, if you couldn't tell.

The best DH/Heavy duty

The Good:

These are the best pedals I have ever had for DH. Big platform and good size/number of pins means your feet do not come off even without 510's. Very reliable and come in probably the widest range of colours.

The Bad:

Nothing at all

Overall Review:

The Price sounds alot but when I think about how good they are and how long they have lasted compared to other pedals I have had then it doesn't seem so much. I have had my burgtec's 4 yrs now and they have had a hard life. for comparrison I had a set of Crank Brothers 50/50s and they lasted 3 months and weren't ridden anywhere near as hard.


Product Burgtec Penthouse Flats Mk3 Pedal with Ti Axle
Riding Type Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Body Material Aluminum
Body Material Details Fully CNCed pedal body machine from aircraft grade 204 2TG Aluminium billet
Bearing Type Fully servicable, dual sealed bearing arrangement
Spindle Spec Ti
Pin Spec
Colors Black, silver, snow camo, red, purple, blue
Weight 1 lb 3.4 oz (550 g)
Miscellaneous Introducing the new Penthouse Flat Mk3s Burgtec's best ever pedal. How do you improve on a World cup winning pedal? We kept the best aspects of the mk2 pedal, surface area, pin position and durability. These were factored into the design of the mk3s.

There are 3 major changes to the pedal design

Lower profile. The thinner pedal allows better ground clearance.

Lighter weight. A pair of mk3 pedals are 250 grams lighter than a pair of mk2 pedals. A major concern of racers nowadays is weight. But our major priority is reliability. Yes you can buy lighter pedals on the market but we make sure our pedals will last a minimum of 3 seasons of solid race abuse. That's why we offer a 3 year warranty on the body and axle of the pedal.

Unique Pin design allows damaged pins to be taken out with ease. Where most pedals take the pin through the pedal which can lead the pin braking off and damaging the body. The new pin comes up through the pedal which allows you to remove the pin no matter how damaged the head is. Also the the pin head has been designed with a breaking point that no matter how hard you hit an obstacle it will break before ripping the pin out.
Price $240
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