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Teva Links Flat Pedal Shoe (discontinued)

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 Teva Links Flat Pedal Shoe  Teva Links Flat Pedal Shoe  Teva Links Flat Pedal Shoe
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Get a High Five from your Feet.

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

-Stiff sole
-Just the right amount of grip -Really comfortable
-Water Proofed(except for the mesh)
-Mesh on top for breatablility

The Bad:

After giving this a good five minutes of thought, I suppose they could have more color options to match my gear.

Overall Review:

Let me start by saying that I have spent most of my biking life running skate shoes or basketball shoes as my everyday and bikingfootwear. About two years ago, Idecided to buy some dedicated mountain bike shoes. The Teva Links was not the first pair I purchased. While the other shoes had amazing grip, they were impossible to move to make small foot position adjustments, the sole was too flexible, and I hated walking around in them.

So after a year I got the Teva Links. And with it I lost all my previous complaints. In the short, my feet love me for buying these. I wear these shoes all day, every day for almost everything. In fact the only time they come off my feet is when I need my steel toe boots, church, or bed.

The water proofing is good too, with only the toe mesh as a weakness. But that toe mesh makes these shoes cool off better than other shoes I have had.

On the bike the shoes are nice and stiff and help you really push the bike into corners and off lips. The grip is pretty good too. Just drop your heels and you will have your feel locked in place. But if you fell like your foot isn't quite where you want it on your pedal, just lift your heel a bit and wiggle it on over.

I don't have any real complaints about this shoe, not even the color choices are a big deal. But hey, if you have to have a certain color, it's unavailability might bug you.

These are great shoes and I am certain that once my current pair wears out, I'm going to buy another pair.

Edit on Oct 1, 2013.  I've had to take a star away due to durability. Let me preface my reasoning by making two points. First, my pair of Links have been my "go-to" shoe for bout 90% of the time that I need some king of footwear. Which brings me to my second point; the last time I wore just a single pair of shoes for 90% of my activities was when I was a young teen. Back then my parents bought my shoes from Walmart, and the $20-$30 shoes would last six months. I had two exceptions, both were second-hand Nike shoes that lasted me until I out-grew them (a year or more).

Based on that, I figure that a shoes that cost about $70 on sale should last two to three times longer than my Walmart shoes ever did. I've had the Links for one year, and three months, and the sole is coming apart from the uppers. I had expected to get three to nine more months out of these shoes. Perhaps my expectations are too high, and perhaps it is just the result of all the love these shoes got compared to other shoes I have purchased to ride with.

Teva Links Wins!!!

The Good:

good appearance, good performance, the grip is excellent.

The Bad:

the heat increases in long riding, the sole is stiff enough, a bit uncomfortable for walking.

Overall Review:

Okay, I got this shoes about a week ago, after a big confusion about: Teva Links or Five Ten Freerider VXi. This is my first my MTB shoes and I decide to buy Teva after thought about 2 days. And I really satisfied with this shoes, my feet is very comfortable with this shoes, the grip also excellent; like its logo on the sole, spider. I just feel my feet a bit warm in long riding. I use this shoes for XC by the way. And the sole is quite rigid and a bit uncomfortable for long walking. But the rest is excellent, I really love this shoes. Below is my comparison with another flat pedal shoes, the famous Freerider VXi.

Appearance: I think appearance of something is important, and when I compared the appearance of this shoes, I just remember the Freerider VXi that also have beautiful look. So about the appearance these brands are equal for me.

Price: The important aspect for me. In my country, the price more than $100 for a pair of shoes is expensive so I really concern about this one. I found that the VXi is between $110-$120, or around that amount and I got the Links is cheaper. Okay, with this 1-0 for Teva.

Performance: The most important aspect. I haven't tried any Five Ten shoes because like I said above that the Links is my first MTB shoes, so what I can say about the performance aspect is; I think these two brands are not far in performance aspect. Maybe Five Ten is more popular in mountain biking, but I'm sure they are near in the performance.


Product Teva Links Flat Pedal Shoe
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Rider Unisex
Construction Leather and mesh upper with ion-mask™ technology
Rubber Type Spider365 Rubber
Sizes 7-12, 13, 14
Colors Ultra Violet or Lunar Rock
Weight 1 lb 0 oz (454 g)
Miscellaneous Legendary freeride mountain biker Jeff Lenosky can now add ‘shoe collaborator’ to his résumé. It's hard to find a part of the Links that Jeff didn’t directly influence. He showed us his pedal; we designed a sole that integrates with it. He showed us the busted toe on his last shoe; we added a flexible armor across the forefoot. He showed us his wet, muddy shoes; we found ion-mask™ technology that actually prevents the materials on the Links from absorbing water on a molecular level (true story). We built this shoe for Jeff, but anyone who has ever gotten on a mountain bike will appreciate his influence.
Price $110
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