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Five Ten Impact High 2011 Flat Pedal Shoe (discontinued)

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 Five Ten Impact High 2011 Flat Pedal Shoe  Five Ten Impact High 2011 Flat Pedal Shoe
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Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

What are you even doing looking at other brand name shoes to ride in? Five Ten owns the flat pedal shoe market, period. I've had the older model of this shoe and this revised version and they both rock. Sticky rubber that glues your feet to whichever flat pedal you run even in wet and muddy conditions. The hightop has great ankle protection and support which is great for people with weak ankles or protection from the rabid rock that comes up and tries to bite you. It is easy to clean the rubber soles and maintain the tops after a weekend of DH runs in any riding condition. The extra shoelaces that they come with is a great addition to a great product.

The Bad:

They leave black marks on some surfaces, like my kitchen floor.

Overall Review:

I use these shoes for riding and trail work only which is a key factor in getting the most life out of them. These shoes should be at the top of your list when looking for a pair of shoes to ride in or even do trail work in. I still have my older model (4yrs old) shoes with lots of life left on them and had to get this newer version to hang with the Jones'. I've run 6 different pedal sets and these shoes show no sign of slippage on any of them regardless of trail conditions, sometimes I want my feet to come off the pedals to bail and the shoes say "no way, I'm doing my job". None the less, an investment well worth it if you are looking for a high quality flat pedal shoe.

Are You kidding?

The Good:

+ + + Rubber + + Tread and shape of the sole + Finger and ankle protection

The Bad:

--- Price (I bought just because of the stock minus 30 percent) --- Unsticking!!! (like any other shoes I've had in my life) - Absorb water like a sponge - Dry at least a week after a big rain - Connection between the top and the sole: it couldn't work .. - Appearance (especially those trashy letters on the heel) - The quality of the material (artificial, 'plastic' leather) - The type of fill (sponge-absorb water, too much in tongue) - Weight (while dry- is heavy but acceptable, but wet weights minimum 1 kg per one) - Convenience: when tied on the last holes,is a stab in the tibia by riding / pusching up the bike.

Overall Review:

I've absolutely no idea, WHY so many riders are so strong praising this shoes.

The ONLY top-rated value thing on them, is a rubber. Sad to say- unfortunately none of the competitors (Teva, Sombrio, what more..?) do not have such a good (sticky, flat, wide, with a perfect grip) equivalent.

Some pictures in gallery below explains my opinion. After 3 attempts of gluing soles,3 weeks agoI've turned my knee on the ridge, because the mountain pine caught by hole in the shoe.

before complaint attempt:

and epilogue:

croco style

simply the best

The Good:

Amazing stick that we have come to expect from all five ten shoes with the added ankle support.

The Bad:

At nearly two pounds, they are damn heavy for a pair of shoes.

Overall Review:

this shoe offers the sick that we have all come to expect with all of five tens stealth rubber with the added protection from the the high top. The high top's help protect your ankle from rolling when you dab and from slapping against your crank arm or frame, which for me is rare but damn painful. The thick and rigid soles make long days on the pedals extremely comfortable, perfect for your lift runs this summer. These shoes are heavy, damn heavy but when I am on a 38LBS+ big bike the weight doesn't matter much to me. Bottom line is when ever I am riding DH I am riding in these shoes, its been that way for a few years now. The protection added by the high top is worth it for me. If you have not tried wearing impacts on a DH run, give them a try. It's almost like being clipped in on flats...


Product Five Ten Impact High 2011 Flat Pedal Shoe
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill
Rider Unisex
Construction Action leather uppers, Raptor tongue patterns
Rubber Type Stealth S1
Sizes 6-13, 14
Colors Black or Desert Enforcer
Weight 1 lb 9.6 oz (727 g)
Miscellaneous Desert Enforcer uses non-marking Stealth Phantom rubber
Price $119
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