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FSA Step-Up Crank With Bottom Bracket Oe (discontinued)

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FSA Step-Up Crank With Bottom Bracket Oe
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Heavy, Heavy, and Heavy!

The Good:

they pedal

The Bad:

heavy, cheaper alloy construction, limited ability to modify

Overall Review:

These cranks came as OEM on my bike, as it seems they do on many other mid-level bikes. I have ridden them for two yours with no major problems, but also haven't fallen in love with them. The crank arms are really thick which puts on the very heavy side for a double ring and bashguard. I have also had very limited luck with changing these in anyway from how they came. While I understand that the cheaper the product, the less you can do with it, I can't even find a good way to remove the bashguard to lose a little weight. I've looked around and can't even find a shim or spacer from FSA that allow for removal the bashguard. On the upside though, they do pedal smooth, I have smacked them off a few things with only scratches and scuffs to show for it and the heavier weight should make me stronger when I switch to something lighter down the road.

Heavy, but at least it works

The Good:

cheap, transfers energy from legs to drivetrain, hasn't broken, the bolts are pretty swanky

The Bad:

heavy, not too pretty

Overall Review:

I've had these for several months, and they've served their purpose without issue. However, their weight is almost unbelievable, and the overall look is fairly unimpressive.  Buy these if you must, but I would advise you to save your cash for better parts.

A mediocre annoying crank

The Good:

It works, at least at first, good bolts.

The Bad:

Easy to bend, hard to remove.

Overall Review:

The cro-mo insert should give the game way here these cranks are nasty and cheap. I got them on a new bike and sold it to a 140lb friend, he manged to bend the drive side crank doing XC! When we tried to remove them and had a real pain in the backside trying to find the tools to remove them as they are unusual.

Near this price point, there are much better cranks and an this is too much to ask for an ISIS BB with cheap chain-rings. Your money would be much better spent on an X-type external BB type crank or a traditional square taper or even a Howitzer.


Product FSA Step-Up Crank With Bottom Bracket Oe
Riding Type Trail
Arm Material Alloy
Arm Material Details Chromoly pedal inserts
Arm Lengths 170mm
Bolt Pattern 4 chromoly bolts
Ring Options 32/22 tooth with translucent polycarbonate bashguard
BB Shell Widths 73mm
Spindle Interface
Colors Black
Weight N/A
Price $45
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