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e*thirteen DH/AM with BB Crankset (discontinued)

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The Alternative Crank

The Good:

1)They are stiff, and the tabs don't bend.
2)They are quiet
3)They look cool
4)Reasonable weight

The Bad:

The crank arm comes loose and the finish on the cranks fades over time.

Overall Review:

I said in my review of the Shimano Saint Cranks that they were the only cranks I would ever buy. Well, I lied, and I blame Specialized. Thanks to the super, mega sector awesome new industry standard dubbed pf30 on my Demo 8 frame, I was forced to buy a new set of cranks to rid the annoying, creaking, horrible plastic pf30 to 83mm BB adapter that came with my frame. The adapter would self extract, and leave me hating my life.

Being the semi-smart guy I am, I listened to what e-nerds on Ridemonkey were saying and I learned that e13 was making a press fit BB for their new LG1 crank. I immediately bought it, and it was expensive.

The cranks/bb came in a fancy box with some directions and such. Nothing special there. The cranks also had a mass and they needz moar carbonz bro. Again, nothing special there. The cranks also did not say Shimano on them. That’s an auto –50 gnar points right there.

The cranks did look cool however, and the crank spindle was much bigger than my old Saint spindle due to the PF30 BB. Bigger is always better. Ask the bro’s with those 15 inch lifted trucks how bad ass they are… In reality there is no difference in the stiffness of the Saint cranks with 83mm BB and the oversize spindle pf30 BB E13 cranks. Seriously mtb industry, fuck you. Seriously. Stop introducing worthless standards.

Anyway, now is where the actual review starts :p.

I put these cranks/bb on my Demo frame and I no longer have any creaking noises coming from my bottom bracket. I thrashed these guys this summer with 23 Northstar days, 6 days at Mammoth, 4 days at Whistler, and shuttle days everyday that I wasn’t working or riding lifts. The crank arms and tabs are still straight as new, which is the most important factor to me in a crank.

This is what the cranks look like today.

However, I’d give the E13 cranks a C in the second most important factor of a solid crank, which is that once you install it you never have to look at it again. The E13 cranks have a tendency to come loose when you ride them a lot and it is a pain in the ass to always be thinking about your cranks coming loose. I carry an 8mm allen around now just in case.

That said, the E13 cranks are the best current alternative to the almighty Saint Crank. I don’t know which is heavier and frankly I don’t care. There is no difference to me in stiffness between the Saint and the E13 crank. To me, the main difference is that the Saint is set and forget and the E13 is never set, it’s just constantly loosening.

They’re still great cranks, but I’ll take my Saint’s back thanks. If E13 can get my cranks to stay on my bike for me I would rate these just as highly as my old Saint cranks, which are now still chugging along underneath another dude that still shreds the crap out of them daily.


Product e*thirteen DH/AM with BB Crankset
Riding Type
Arm Material
Arm Material Details
Arm Lengths
Bolt Pattern
Ring Options
BB Shell Widths
Spindle Interface
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Finally a lightweight DH crank without sacrificing strength! German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface provides 100% surface contact between spindle and crankarm Forged and then machined 7050 Aluminum arms 30mm heat treated cromoly spindle 14mm pedal thread engagement High quality electroless nickel spindle coating Approximate weight 870 grams w/ BB Includes crankarms and bottom bracket BCD 4x104 Primary uses - Winning World Cup downhill and 4X race as well as bike park & freeride.
Price $299.95
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