Afton Vectal Clipless Shoe

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Vectal Quatro
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Comfortable, Good Looking, and Well Priced

The Good:

Very Comfortable, Decent Ventilation, Good Looking, Well Priced, Good Protection

The Bad:

You can feel the bottom of the cleat while using Shimano SPDs, Heavy

Overall Review:

What comes to mind when looking to buy a new set of clipless shoes: price, looks, platform size, ventilation, or brand? To me, ventilation and platform size are the deal breakers. Without these features, your experience with a shoe could be miserable. Luckily, the Afton Vectal includes many of these features which gives me a very positive outlook on the shoe. First of all, the shoe is surprisingly breathable for a heavy downhill shoe. I have been able to ride multiple times in 90 F (32 C) weather and come back with no more sweat than that of any other shoe. Another positive would be the comfort the shoe offers. The shoe is well padded, and I haven't had any issues with blisters or sore feet while riding with these shoes. Not only is this shoe comfortable and well ventilated, but it is also very good looking and its design is somewhat similar to a skate shoe. After using this shoe for 11 months, I have really enjoyed the level of protection the shoe offers. Not only does the padding help with comfort, but it also creates a protective layer that really helps your feet in a harsh landing or crash. To top everything off, the shoe is extremely well priced at $120 and can be often found discounted on many websites. I would say there are little to no cons with this shoe. While using SPD pedals and cleats, you can feel the cleat touching the ground while walking. It doesn't affect the performance, just something to mention. Another thing that could be considered a con would be the weight of the shoe. It falls on the heavier side of shoes, but the level of protection makes up for it in my opinion.

In my opinion, I would highly recommend this shoe and I will be purchasing another pair in a couple of months as it is well priced, comfortable, well ventilated, good looking, and offers lots of pedal support.


Product Afton Vectal Clipless Shoe
Riding Type Cross Country, Enduro / All-Mountain, Trail
Rider Unisex
Construction Afton Intact Rubber sole
Oversized clip box and 35mm of clip travel
Shank thickness ranging from 4-12mm
Toe and heel outsole construction assists with off the bike traction
Tongue strap and lace closure
Reinforced toe box with additional PU taping for protection
Reinforced heel provides cupping for fit and protection
Venting in the toe area and on strap backed with air mesh to keep out debris
Anti-microbial molded foam insole to control odor and for heel and arch support
Pedal Type SPD
Sizes Men's 7-13
Colors Black, Quatro, Black/Navy, Black/Gum, Black/Gold, Black/Heathered
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous With a thickness ranging from 4-12mm, the shank is designed to transfers power into the pedals yet allow for walking as normal as possible.
Price $119.99
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