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Leatt released two bicycle specific neck braces recently, dubbed the Leatt DBX Ride (grey) and Leatt DBX Comp (white).

Both braces allow for increased mobility when compared to the Leatt GPX, which has been around for a few years but is designed primarily for motocross.  Why more mobility?  Because for downhill use, many users found to the moto braces to be slightly too restrictive when riding the steeps and needed more range-of-motion.

Beyond the color, there are pretty big differences between the DBX Ride (grey) and the DBX Comp (white).  For starters, the Ride has limited adjustments while the Comp has seemingly limitless adjustment combinations.

See any differences?


We'll have a full review on both of these masterfully engineered bad boys soon, with complete specs and comparisons between the two.  In the meantime, be sure to check out and the Leatt facebook page.
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bturman bturman 9/1/2010 2:44 PM

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Very true, had forgot about the possibility of the brace moving while airborne!!

And yes indeed, saw from the Leatt FB page, that the only difference is thinner padding in the DBX, as its specific to achieve more mobility as for BMX or DH its critical to have more freedom of movement for looking ahead, specially when its steep...

Cant wait til Sat so I can test it!!

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same effectiveness wether you have the strap or not....i run it because it keeps the brace from moving when you decide to leave the ground haha.

from what i've heard and seen, this "bicycle specific" brace is exactly the same as the GPX moto brace only differing in the fact that it comes with the thinner pads....which you can order for the GPX, so if you already have a GPX don't go buy this "bike" specific, just get the thinner padding if you feel that you need more mobility.

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Just received mine on Monday, and they feel pretty good. Obviously its going to be more restrictive than running without one, however, their construction seems top notch, and they are pretty light...

One thing I am pretty curious about... Why all the top DHers are running the Leatt without the straps???

Is this to get more freedom for the brace to move??? Will it sacrifice some of its effectiveness if its ran without the straps???

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