Norco's hugely successful Sight Killer B is going carbon for 2014! It features the same dialed geometry as its aluminum predecessor, but with the added strength, stiffness and weight savings of carbon. Many of you may have seen Jill Kintner aboard a prototype version of this throughout this race season.

Along with its big brother, the Range, the Sight moved to 650B in 2013. It has 140mm travel via ART suspension, a 67.5-degree head angle, internal cable routing, Reverb Stealth routing,  optional 1x11 gearing, the Syntace X12 axle system, 360-Lock hardware, a one-piece Hollowform link, and 419 to 435mm chainstays depending on the size thanks to their Gravity Tune design. The front and rear end grow proportionally with each size. This is said to give the bike a similar feel across the entire size range.

MSRP on the Sight Killer B carbon will range from $3,600 to $7,000, depending on the model, with weight starting at just 25-pounds. They'll be available in Spring, 2014. We'll bring you more photos of the new ride next week as Norco descends on the Crankworx festival. Be sure to stop by their booth if you're up there!

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  • Triber66

    8/8/2013 8:16 PM

    So the $3600 model is 25 lbs?

  • JCL

    8/8/2013 7:45 PM

    A degree off the head angle please!

  • bikeboardorblade

    8/8/2013 3:41 PM

    I dig it as well. I'd be curios to know the reasoning behind lengthening the chainstays as you increase the size. The front end definitely, but don't we concur that shorter chainstays equal a funner and more responsive ride?

  • Uncle Cliffy

    8/8/2013 8:25 PM

    Well, I'm tall and I've recently discovered I prefer longer stays for the riding I've been doing. My current trail bike is 17.25 and I've been having a hard time riding other bikes with shorter stays and a XL (25inch) Top tube. I think it comes down to weight transfer, and being centered on the bike for me to feel comfortable at speed. For the XL, 17.125 stays makes sense in this regard...

  • JCL

    8/8/2013 11:32 PM

    Couldn't agree more and I'm 5'8"!

  • KRob

    9/5/2013 4:26 PM

    Makes good sense to grow the chain stay length in the larger sizes. Like Unlce Cliffy said, taller folks are more likely to be further over the rear wheel on a x-large front with short stays causing trouble with rearward weight bias and keeping the front down on steep climbs, etc.

    Really sweet looking bike btw. Can't wait to try one.
    Not sure why more frame manufacturers don't do this.

  • Lawman

    8/8/2013 2:09 PM

    Prefered the lime decals on the prototypes!

  • syngltrkmnd

    8/8/2013 12:39 PM

    That looks damn good. Nicely done, Norco. I'd skip the one-by drivetrain, though.

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