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The air sprung Inverted Revel HLR fork is the latest in X-Fusion's ever expanding lineup. This video shows us what's inside and how it's assembled.

The fork will be offered in a tapered 140-160mm travel option for 27.5-inch wheels or 120-140mm for the 29er crowd. The super wide version shown below is for the fat bike crowd. All forks have 34mm stanchions. It uses the same twin-tube HLR damper from the Vengeance, and features carbon stanchion guards, rebound, high and low-speed compression, and dual air pressure adjustments. Dual you say? As explained at the end of the video, the dual air system allows you to setup the beginning and ending stroke spring rate, so you tune the progressivity of the fork to your liking.


There will only be 200 of these made, at least initially. The fork will run a whopping $1776, so start saving up. A lifetime service package is available for an additional $124. Weight is 4.5-pounds.


While most forks have parallel steerer, stanchion, and lower tubes, the Revel is at an angle. X-Fusion did this to take up some of the offset required by the 27.5 and 29-inch wheels it's designed to fit.

So how'd they pull off an inverted design that's stiff? Through a combination of what they're calling the Gold-E-Lock system and 20mm LockX thru-axle system, the fork is reportedly stiffer both front-to-back and torsionally than anything else on the single crown market. Yes, even than a FOX 36, according to X-Fusion.

Gold-E-Lock uses a unique trilateral stainless steel keyway system on the sides of the uppers and stanchion to limit the effects of torsion. The keyways are fully lubed and floating in oil to prevent biding. If you remove the axle and wheel, you're not not able to spin the stanchions/dropouts like other inverted designs.

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bturman bturman 12/22/2013 1:31 PM

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The keyway idea is something I've been banging on about for years for usd forks! I always assumed I'd overlooked some factor that would overly complicate the implementation of the idea since no one was using what I assumed to be the obvious fix for torsional flex. Now I'm just inclined to think that it was paradigm paralysis all along that was keeping other companies from giving it a go!

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just another hype fork - im certainly not impressed, if im going to spend 1700$ on a single crown, it had better say BOS on it... Almost all of my experiences with x-fusion products have been overwhelmingly negative, lots of stiction, slow turnaround times for services, very unreliable, i got fed up with the whole thing. The one bright spot was the cost and a lowered air vengeance that somehow snuck through the cracks and worked but still... if you're gonna buy a trail fork, why wouldnt you buy a new pike instead - 1/2 the price, amazing suspension performance, good reliability and it comes in black, a muuuuuuuch better choice...

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Hope X-Fusion will make one for downhill too. Also hope that DVO will quickly make their Diamond fork soon!

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X-Fusion manufacture for Fox in Taiwan. Like Fox their forks perform excellently on the trail, especially good for racing. However like Fox if you use their forks everyday they probably won't last and will need a lot of maintenance so you'll probably have a host of warranty issues. Not hating , just a heads up from personal experience.

X-Fusion rush their R&D to get their product to market sooner than other manufacturers, this is because they like mo' money.

Also lifetime service and warranty is pointless if it takes them 2 months to service your fork. You'll need a back-up Pike for when your X-Fusion is away being repaired for the 10th time. In fact, screw it just buy a Pike. The gold coloring on these fork is vile anyhow.

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Nice to see the bike suspension pioneer, Paul, still dialing things in for us. This reminds me of the polished gold MAG 21 SL from the glory days. Looks like two Reverb seatposts (keyway system) clamped in a crown, I wanna see what DVO rolls out in the near future...

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Nice! Color scheme and decals reminds me a bit on old school golden rock shox psylo race...

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