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Just a few weeks after the big launch of the Emerald downhill fork, DVO has released further details about their new Jade Coil Shock. Have a gander at the inner workings in this video with DVO engineer, Tom Rogers, then catch some more info in the press release, below.


What sets the Jade Coil apart is the design of the hydraulic oil circuits. Its easy to have simple circuits with pistons and shims. The hard part is making it dynamic through the entire range of compression and rebound forces. The Jade Coil’s design mirrors the front fork delivering the perfect balance.


The inner workings of the Jade are developed around being extremely tunable to fit any rider’s personal preferences. The loader assembly (compression circuits) can easily be removed from the reservoir body to access the shims. From there, you can adjust the shim stack to fit any rider’s style or course layout. Another cool feature of the shock is our use of a bladder instead of an IFP commonly found in most shocks. An IFP or “Internal Floating Piston” is a piston with an O-ring used to separate the air from the oil in the reservoir body. When the shock is initially compressed, the IFP can cause a moment of stiction creating a notchy/sticky feel right off the top. With a bladder system that is completely eliminated and small bump sensitivity is enhanced. On the initial compression, the oil surrounds the bladder and compresses it similar to squeezing a balloon. You therefore have a smooth and seamless transition from compression to rebound.


DVO High Flow Emerald Piston: The aluminum piston featured in our Emerald DH fork uses high flow compression ports to eliminate harshness while allowing the tapered shim stack to deliver the dynamic damping.  The bigger diameter ports also keep oil turbulence to a minimum allowing the shock to perform at a cooler temperature even in the harshest conditions. Balance between the front and rear end is key, that’s why both the Emerald and Jade rear shock are based off the same hydraulic design which is easy to tune and offers some amazing performance.

A cool shock = a happy shock!

Sizes will include 10.5x3.5, 9.5x3, 8.75x2.75, 8.5x2.5 and 7.875x2.25.

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