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Lifetime warranty on an adjustable seatpost? Sounds crazy, right? Well 9point8, a new company from Ontario, is offering just that on their new Pulse.


Available in 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameters, the seatpost is also unique in the way it works, allowing the rider to 'step' down in 5mm increments or drop the full 100mm with a tug on the unique trigger. Here's an overview of how it works:

Pulse Features

  • 100mm of stroke with steps in 5mm increments, or full-drop any time (Patent Pending)
  • Convertible between inline and offset configurations (with purchase of conversion kit)
  • Install / remove the trigger without removing grips or controls
  • State-of-the-art vertical, fore-aft, left-right anti- backlash design
  • Independent adjustment of the seat angle and seat fore/aft position
  • Micro-adjustable seat angle
  • Telescopic lock in push and pull (go ahead, pick up your bike by the saddle)
  • Advanced sealing technologies to keep the fluids in, and the elements out
  • Excellent design, durability, and warranty
  • Designed, engineered, prototyped, assembled, and tested in Canada
  • Many key parts are billet machined from high-strength, lightweight materials


The price on the Pulse is $499. It will be available in late June, 2013. 9point8 operates on a consumer direct basis, so don't expect to see this one for sale in shops. Instead, visit for more details or to purchase.

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bturman bturman 5/21/2013 1:54 PM

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My Giant contact switch also has 100mm of travel, but limitless height adjust. This has a horrendous looking lever and is untested. I can't see that this post is what the market wants.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the market wants...

-5 inch or more travel.
-limitless height adjust
-Compact lever
-stationary cable
-no play in the post
-user serviceable

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Yes "the market" does not know what it wants. 5" or more travel and any engineer and R&D guy will tell you that you can cross out -reliability and -no bushing play immediately if you are not into a 500mm long post which will weigh 600g or more and fit only a few Large or XL frames. Most droppers use less than 4cm bushing offset, put frkn 150mm slider and expect it to not wear bushings fast, especialy under a heavier rider

Market wants: reliable, strong, stiff, light, proven and cheap!

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The stepper idea is unique, but that lever design is a missed opportunity in my opinion. I always keep my index finger on my brakes, and it's a habit that I never want to change.

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Agreed. Considering you are often slowing down in preparation for the tech-gnar that is inspiring you to drop the post in the first place, having to take a finger off the brake lever in order to drop the post doesn't make much sense.

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