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Known primarily for their frames, Canfield Brothers also crafts some very nice components. From super thin pedals to complete wheels and fancy hubs, each product they create offers some unique advantage over most others on the market. Today they released a new crankset that follows suit.

The new Canfield Brothers AM/DH Cranks are claimed to be all-mountain light and DH tested and proven. The cranks combineĀ forged 7075 arms and a 7075 24mm spindle.

Two things really set them apart.First, they're available in lengths from 155 to 170mm in 5mm increments. Short riders, super groms, and those with very low bottom brackets will find the shorter than normal lengths useful. Similar to their ultra thin Crampon pedal series, Canfield wanted to create the highest amount of clearance to keep you from getting hung up on rocks due to pedal/crank strikes. Each length is machined per size, then drilled accordingly to ensure maximum clearance. Taller riders may find the added clearance to be beneficial too, as they're able to pedal in more situation without the constant worry of clipping pedals.

Second, the cranks feature a raised external rib to prevent early finish wear from shoe rub. While it's only a small detail, this will keep your cranks looking newer for longer. Too many cranks look poor after just a few days in the muck, so this is a nice bonus feature.

Canfield Brothers AM/DH Crank Highlights

  • 155, 160, 165 and 170mm lengths available
  • Spiderless chainring compatible using the Sram style interface
  • Low profile crank arms with raised external ribbing
  • 7075 aluminum arms and spindle
  • 68/73mm and 83mm spindles available
  • GPX style BB included (threaded only)
  • Spiders available for 2x drivetrains
  • Weights:
    • 155mm cranks with 68/73mm BB - 737 grams
    • 165mm cranks with 68/73mm BB - 758 grams
    • 165mm cranks with 83mm BB - 782 grams

Canfield Brothers offers two purchase options:

  • $275 - Crank and BB package
  • $325 - Crank, BB and MRP Bling Ring or optional spider package

Visit for more details. The cranks can be purchased from the Canfield web store and are available now in limited quantities.


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