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#ThrowbackThursday - World's First Downhill Race: Klunking in the 1970s - bturman - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

In this awesome video from Evening Magazine, we get an up close look at one of the first organized downhill races - the now famous Repack from the 1970s. Imagine having to repack your hub after descending 1,300 feet with nothing but a coaster brake. Talk about fun!

Credit: Evening Magazine // Steve Kotton // Jim Farney // Academy of Art University // Jan Yanehiro // CBS Television
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  • Repack Rider

    3/19/2014 6:23 PM

    Just came across this, couple of months late. I put this race on, and I'm the guy with a ponytail and the bicycle cap being interviewed, That was a great day for me, and it was the first national exposure of this new type of fun.

    Velopress will be publishing my book about all this in the fall. http://velopress.com/books/fat-tire-flyer/

    You can check out my website also: http://sonic.net/~ckelly/Seekay/mtbwelcome.htm

  • Randy_Geniec

    1/10/2014 8:18 PM

    Not one helmet...awesome

  • Darcy Day

    1/10/2014 1:22 PM

    its funny how enduro riding is the all the rage new thing when in fact it existed before mountain biking was really invented.

  • Stillmrg Photography

    1/10/2014 10:56 AM


  • Dirty Jane

    1/10/2014 9:07 AM

    "250 Yamaha with bum rings." Priceless!!

  • F1234K

    1/9/2014 10:20 PM

    I was surprised that Steve Peat wasn't in it...

  • betweenthelyons

    1/9/2014 6:38 PM

    Just rode Repack last week!

  • sean08

    1/9/2014 2:41 PM

    Does anyone else find it extremely awesome that MTB's primordial ooze was in fact DH?

    Yeah, lots of other notable MTB pioneer efforts, but this one takes the cake personally.

    Fire roads aren't fun, but ya gotta start somewhere..

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