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The 4th round of the 2021 Downhill Southeast race took place at Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. Sugar completely revamped both A and B tracks providing racers with lots of fresh-cut sections reminiscent of old school DH courses. Friday and Saturday were beautiful sunny days providing awesome riding and fast seeding times. Then, unfortunately the weather displayed a European World Cup-like sense of humor on race day with rain and dense fog that only cleared up in time for podium and overall awards. Those fresh cut sections turned into mud slaloms and Cat 1 and Pro riders had a hard time shedding the mud once the rain stopped. In any case that's racing, and the vibes were still energetic and positive making a last DHSE of the year one for the books. Thank you everyone who has come out to these races and huge thank you to the event organizers for putting on such incredible races in the Southeast U.S.

Pictured above: The exact moment Rimmer lost a bet. Cory Rimmer made a bet with his team that if they beat him they could cut off his luscious locks... snip snip.

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Fun in the dry

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