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After seeing Fabien "CousCous" Cousinie struggle mightily with armpump surgery, Spank decided to look into the issue a bit deeper. What they found is that armpump is essentially caused by high-frequency vibrations, and not the big hits that most would associate it with. In MX, they solve the issue by adding lead tips or silicon tubes to the handlebars, but for obvious reasons, that is not a practical solution for MTB. Enter Vibrocore.

Vibrocore leverages the fact that when energy waves pass between materials of different densitiy, they dissipate. By injecting their handlebars with a specifically formulated low-density, hard foam core, Spank were able to reduce the vibration transmission along the bar significantly. Among the expected benefits such as less rider fatigue and less armpump, Spank also noted more unexpected results such as their riders reporting heightened sensitivity to trail input, as well as a dramatic improvement in the lifetime of the bar itself.

Initially available in the Oozy 760mm trail bar as well as the Team Replica 800mm DH bar. Expect Spank to roll out more Vibrocore bars over time.

Johan Hjord


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