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Driven by the recent trend towards longer top tubes and shorter stems, Spank showed their new 30mm direct-mount Director stem which innovates with regard to the placement of the mounting holes.

Instead of placing one of the holes in line with the hole for the top of the clamp, or stacking the stem higher to make room, Spank simply put the forward-most mounting hole inside the clamp area. This allows them to keep the full width of the clamp and also to still offer 5mm adjustability (taking the stem down to an ultra-short 25mm for those who so wish).

Both the 30mm and the 50mm (shown above in blue) also come with special 5mm base-plate spacers, which Spank says is a better way of raising your cockpit than adding the traditional spacers to the steerer. It also provides a neat solution if you've run out of steer tube.

Johan Hjord


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