2015 Source Widepac Divide Bladder, Fuze and Spry Packs


Source showed us their new Widepac Divide bladder which provides a solution for those who like to bring both water and energy drink on their rides. Based on the excellent Widepac bladders, the Divide offers two separate compartments, each with its own drinking hose, that can be filled independently of each other. You can choose to run as much or as little liquid in either compartment as you want, within the overall total volume constraint of 3 liters.

The Fuze is a new, budget-oriented riding pack, with 12 liters cargo capacity and 3 liters of hydration.

The Spry is designed specifically for the young ones, inheriting many features from its bigger brothers but providing a form factor more suitable to children.

Johan Hjord
2015 Mountain Bike Apparel & Protection at Eurobike 2014

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