ION is continuing to expand its MTB range, and is now providing kits for all riding disciplines. Shown above is the all-new Slash DH line which includes a jersey, shorts, and pants. The pants are made of a mix of 4-way stretch and nylon panels, and are heavily preformed to provide max comfort on the bike. There are neoprene hip protectors built in, and a water-resistant and protective neoprene pocket for the phone. The jersey has a pocket on the sleeve for your liftpass, and a goggle wipe in the hem.

The Scrub line is for the freeriders. 100% 4-way stretch for a lightweight yet robust short, with taped seams and a lace cover for those who worry about snagging their handlebars on the laces when barspinning those big Utah drops. The front panel of the jersey is made of a special dry-release cotton that dries fast but provides a comfortable touch on the skin and in true ION tradition, pushes the boundaries for that fashionable look. Available in subdued versions such as the grey theme shown above, or the somewhat flashier trademark ION colorways. The tank tops you can spot on the rack above were specifically requested by Antoine Bizet and are now part of the lineup as well.

The new Ledge glove is equipped with a "Maki_Seam" construction for the inner hand and fingers. This places the seams where they won´t disturb the feeling of the fingers on the bars. "Flex_Protection" neoprene rubber panels protect the knuckles.

Johan Hjord
2015 Mountain Bike Apparel & Protection at Eurobike 2014

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