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The Roots grips are our answer to the needs of reliable grips for all kind of muddy bussiness. Michał Śliwa (the forerunner of the Polish Downhill scene and the multi medalist of this discipline) got us hooked on this idea of developing the grips that will be thicker and softer than other grips on the market. The hard part of this projest was to design a product that won't catch mud easily and still be sticky in the extreme conditions. All those hints gave a birth to the Roots grips. Their comfort zone begins in the wet Downhill and Freeride tracks but our testers found them good enough even for Enduro or Dirt Jumping. The surface design can be described as the mountains slowly turning into the tree roots. Those soft elements not only looks good but are ergonomically linked with the structure of the hand. The center of the hand got a solid grab on the mountains looking pattern while fingers slip between the roots pattern to catch even firmer grip! These lock-on beauties comes with a special aluminium bar end design where the side cap is replacable. You will get them with the aluminium side cap assembled but don't worry weight weenies, we will include a set of spare plastic caps dor you!

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