California Enduro Series Round 5 (Finale): Bell Santa Cruz Super Enduro

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California Enduro Series Round 5 (Finale): Bell Santa Cruz Super Enduro - calienduro - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

The California Enduro Series traveled to the Soquel Demonstration State Forest in the redwoods high above Santa Cruz, CA for the series finals October 11. The Bell Santa Cruz Super Enduro served as the final challenge of the 2014 California Enduro Series season.

“Demo” is a very well known and frequented ride area, known for its steep climbs and equally steep descents. With drought conditions dominating the entire state, trails were loose and sketchy, adding to the difficulty for the racers on the weekend. Four diverse stages challenged riders on a long, hot day featuring over 4500’ of total climbing.

Most riders camped right at the venue which made for lots of good times after the race as riders let loose as the CES came to a close. All agreed that the 2014 California Enduro Series was a huge success, and all were excited to see what is in store for 2015 and beyond.

Pictured: John Hauer is the last guy in the field to still wear spandex. He's railing Stage 4 here and took his lycra to victory this weekend.

Credit: Called To Creation
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California Enduro Series Round 5 (Finale): Bell Santa Cruz Super Enduro

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