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Sam Hill 9

Sam Hill
Thought I'd go detailed (foolishly). I was so inspired by Sam Pulling off the double in 07 I produced this. This at original size is massive, after 60+ hour of work I do get some enjoyment taking in all the detail..
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gTuz gTuz 5/24/2010 7:10 PM

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IMHO, I like the stuff that starts at pen and ink better. It has a feeling of real art. Somehow you can tell Sam Hill started in Illustrator... It's all good though man, keep it up!

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Cheers guys!

@Pslide I generally start out with roughs on paper, scan it in, make adjustments and then clean it up in Photoshop. However this piece I did in illustrator, mainly for the technical accuracy I could get, tedious as hell though!

@Drinkbeerdaily yeh those things are total hairy caterpillars!

If anyone wants High Res copies of any of these (minus the 2020 illo) hit me up.

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Loving your work man, hope you get some more mag attention. Does all your work start as digital, or do you use pen and ink?

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