Aaron's Gwin's signature series brakes are set to be available very soon. While we've covered the brakes in the past, we were intrigued to learn that they are compatible with Shimano Saint and Zee brake pads, bleed kit, and mineral oil. This helps ensure you can get what you need around the world. The brakes have ceramic pistons for heat management. We were impressed at the lever perch stiffness when really wrenching on the Gwin-designed lever. The top of the line model will go for $200 per brake, and a more affordable $150 version is also available thanks the savings associated with casting versus forging. 

Gwin's influence touches TRP's Slate trail brakes as well. TRP brake levers are both SRAM MatchMaker and Shimano iSpec compatible. Vital received a set of the DH brakes for testing recently, so stay tuned for the long-term review in the coming months.

Brandon Turman

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