MRP Ramp Control Cartridge for FOX 36 Forks


MRP's Ramp Control cartridges are claimed to isolate bottom-out control more effectively than volume spacers, meaning the fork doesn't ramp until further into the travel when you really need it. Previously only available for RockShox forks, this new design is compatible with FOX 36 forks. It features 16 clicks of adjustment and takes up some air volume, meaning there is a slight increase in initial and mid-stroke support. What makes them very unique is that they're speed sensitive. Push gently on your fork and you won't notice them. Push hard on your fork as if you had a big landing and you'll get the bottom-out support you need. The speed sensitivity is due to an elastomer inside the fork that is pushed down past a port in varying amounts depending on how much you have it clicked in. As you click it further down, it requires a harder hit to allow air to get through.

The extra aluminum bits are to eliminate the fork's automatic air transfer port, and the black Schrader valve lets you adjust the negative spring on your own, adding even more tunability to your ride.

Brandon Turman

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