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Welcome to the largest collection of new mountain bike products shown at the Sea Otter Classic that you'll find anywhere on the net. From new bikes to prototypes, pedals, dropper posts, forks, shocks, brakes, Pro bike checks, and more, we've got all the bases covered! Tap your right arrow key to browse quickly.

First up is the new DVO Onyx downhill fork which they've been working on for over two years. It takes the Diamond damper and integrates it into a traditional dual crown layout that allows DVO to offer riders a DH fork at a competitive price point. The 203mm travel fork has an updated Off The Top (OTT) adjustment and the air spring also now accepts volume spacers. Additional adjustments include high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and low-speed rebound. Bleed valves on the back of the fork allow you to let out built-up pressure from temperature and elevation changes to relieve pressure on the seals.

DVO opted to use a 20x110mm Boost axle. Though existing 20mm hubs are already 110mm wide, new hub designs will move the rotor and flanges 5mm further out to create a stiffer wheel. The fork will ship with a 5mm rotor spacer for those that prefer to use an old hub. 

Keep an eye out for an updated Emerald DH fork later this year, which will likely make use of the Diamond damper to drop around two-thirds of a pound.

Brandon Turman


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