What's a clean bike if the rider is faltering? Muc-Off has spent 2 years looking at what they can do to help the athletic side of the bike/rider equation perform better, and they have come up with the "Athlete Protection" series. A range of creams designed to deliver much needed amino acids and other ingredients directly to where they are most needed - through the skin to the muscles and other tissues. From warm-up creams to potions enhancing explosive power or endurance, there's even a brand new chammy cream to make those long hours in the saddle more enjoyable.

When they set out to develop a new series of chainlube, Muc-Off took no shortcuts. They built this dyno specifically to test the performance of chainlube, and they have come up with what they say is the world's most efficient chainlubes as a result of their work. Stay tuned...

Muc-Off's new chain cleaner helps separate the dirty liquid from the clean, to avoid the chain simply sloshing around in its own muc(k) as it passes through the brushes.

Specifically formulated to help carbon parts find grip, this is the better alternative to cracking your fantastic plastic parts with too much torque. In general, Muc-Off's range is impressive and well worth a look for any of your bike cleaning or maintenance needs.

Johan Hjord

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