WINNING BIKE - Laurie Greenland's Mondraker Summum

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WINNING BIKE - Laurie Greenland's Mondraker Summum - WINNING BIKE - Laurie Greenland's Mondraker Summum - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Laurie Greenland piloted his Monraker Summum to victory in Maribor, Slovenia at the iXS Downhill Cup. The course, which is a bit tighter and rootier than what is raced on the World Cup prompted Laurie to shorten up his front end a bit. He likes to turn off the rear wheel in the tighter terrain and feels when his weight is over the front wheel his typical set-up, sniper roots can quickly and unsuspectingly wash out the front tire. He shifted his weight rearward on the bike by taking 5mm out of the top tube length via headset cups and then proceed to move his rear wheel back 5mm in the dropouts, increasing the chainstay length. Prior to the chainstay adjustment, he felt the bike felt just a bit too twitchy. When asked about the upcoming World Cup in Croatia, he will be running FTD Tire Inserts to battle the rocky terrain.

Listen to Laurie's post-race interview and see race results from Maribor

Credit: @maddogboris
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WINNING BIKE - Laurie Greenland's Mondraker Summum

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