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When you have the same rider and the same bike earning the W three World Cups in a row, things may get a little stale. Thankfully this is the highest level of racing and the differences between race bikes from round to round, while subtle, keep things interesting for bike nerds. Today's winner, Amaury Pierron, has been running a Commencal Supreme DH 29 with a prototype rear end that has an adjustable upper pulley. The stock Supreme DH has a fixed upper pulley. Only after comparing his Leogang bike to his Val di Sole bike did we notice some very subtle differences between the two set-ups.

We've put his Leogang and Val di Sole bike together in an animation below so you can see the differences. The Val di Sole bike has the grass in the photo. Watch the rotors grow and shrink and watch how the pulley location is moved between the two bikes. You can also see the bottom bracket drop a touch (but we're not sure if that's because of perspective only) and the paint on the front triangle change. Interestingly enough, for Val di Sole, his stem location didn't rise and bar height didn't change (there's a slight difference in the pics because the bars a slightly turned in the VDS bike photo). A lot of riders got their set-up high for the steep track. Pretty freaking, rad! If you see other differences, point 'em out in the comments and dig in to the bike details in the gallery ahead.

The difference between Amaury's prototype and stock as seen in our PIT BITS gallery.

WINNING BIKE - Amaury Pierron's Commencal Supreme DH 29


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