The End of an Epic - Andes Pacifico Enduro Final Day

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<b>No caption needed. Just simply outstanding riding by Jermone Clementz for 4 days straight. He is the winner of the Andes Pacifico Enduro.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>EnduroJC with a 650b.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>With close proximity to the ocean, the early morning climb was shrouded in fog. Women's winner, Anka Martin, couldn't have been happier with the cooler temps as she looks to the top of another big climb.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Anka Martin with her winning whip.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Dirt Magazine's Steve Jones isn't shy about his feeling towards another long climb to start day 4. #thebirdistheword</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Day 4 started with a flowy trail that had been cut through some thick brush. From a distance it looked lush and pretty, however up close it was anything but. #deathtocourecutters #dontbeaprick</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>The deep ruts were quite fun when you could find the flow, but if you lost your rhythm, it was a trip to the floor #Felipepinball</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>1/3 of the Montenbaik crew that made this event possible. Eduardo de Solminihac rode pretty much 100% of the stages on one of these bikes as sweep moto. His family is also one of the main sponsors, providing unlimited wine for all the competitors each night. That's how its done folks. #large</b> -Sven Martin
<b>No big cactus, no huge mountain climbs and no scortching heat meant Pauline Dieffenthaler could relax just a bit on the opening stage of the day.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Iago Garay gained confinence through the week, and by Day 4 was absolutely flying through the gnarly sections. He would end up 7th overall, adding Spain to the list of 6 different countries represented in the top 10.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Francois Bailly-Maitre on the BMC Trailfox 29er showing us how to monster truck tight, awkward sections that 26" struggle with. A crash on the final stage of the week dropped him from 2nd to 3rd overall today.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Lars Sternberg got loose and wild every single time a camera was aimed at him. His hard-charging and gnarly style earned him 5th place and the top spot for #teamamerica</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Pablo Mora had 4 flats in 4 days, probably because he is riding a hardtail. He is one of the top Chilean filmers, so check him out on instagram @donpablomora where he's capturing gold between patch sessions.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Remember Jose Schusler's gross shin gash from yesterday? Well, here he is at the hospital before...</b> -Joey Schusler
<b>And here he is after. Yikes. Heal up fast, Jose!</b> -Joey Schusler
<b>Jose and Lars missed Valentine's Day because of the gash, but were reunited once again on the beach. #teamcondortogetheragain</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Iago Garay knows how to turn it on for the cameras. Always looking fast and sharp. 6th place overall this week. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>EWS head honcho, Chris Ball, knows how to tuck and brings home another top 10 finish in a major race. The future of Enduro is safe with Chris at the helm.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Rene Damseaux had a tough day today with a massive OTB and hematoma on Stage 1. He is out of the race, but nothing dampened his spirits and he is out celebrating with us tonight.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Chilean racer Nicolas Prudencio kept Jerome Clementz honest all week managaing a few stage wins. He waited in the wings just in case Jerome had any big mistakes. #VamosNico</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>With the Andes in the rear view, it was just a few rolling hills and massive ruts separating the riders from the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. #cervezaonthehorizon</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>After 2 hours and 45 minutes of racing, Pedro Ferriera slides into 4th overall by just 35 seconds.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Julia Hobson sliding into 3rd today for Juliana Bicycles.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Santa Cruz Bicycles are title sponsor of this great event and Marketing Manager, Will Ockleton, does SCB proud each day #fortheridersbythereiders</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Will Ockelton had his rough times, too, however. We'll show you the full sequence soon, but now is a time for celebrating survival.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>1/3 of the DarkCloudCrew - Jon, Chris and Smaildawg contemplate survival, contraception and other important life-changing decisions after Stage 2 today.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Cristian Bravo, top 16 from Chile! #likeaboss #power</b> -Sven Martin
<b>80 riders, 30 staff, 4 days all crammed into 1 small surfing village on the Pacific Ocean. #trulyepic</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Happy people make happy racers. Jerome and Pauline on the beach here in Chile.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Is it luck, is it faith or is it simply natural ability and Jedi huck wizardry? Jerome Clementz the 21 century phenomenon.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Keeping with a tradition started on the EWS, Chris Ball helped Jerome Clemetz clean the Andes off in the Pacific Ocean.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>I got this bro.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>#winnerwinnerchileanbbqdinner</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>"Mista, Mista caramelos por favor." This week's winners in Elite, Ladies and Masters.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Thanks Andes Pacifico, thanks Chile, thanks Santa Cruz. What a week. yew!!!</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Bikes, babes ,beaches, beer, and 650B and a BBQ to follow. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Now that's one hell of a crew!</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Here's to an incredible adventure.</b> -Sven Martin - THANK YOU SVEN, GARY, DAVE AND LARGE FOR COVERAGE WE WON'T SOON FORGET. #boosh
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The Andes Pacifico concludes in fine fashion on the shores of the Pacific as 80 riders say goodbye to the dusty Chilean mountains. In the end, Jerome Clementz and Anka Martin took home victories, but survival was just as important as racing the clock.

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