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Project Flyweight: The 29lb Trek Session 9.9 DH Bike - Project Flyweight: The 29lb Trek Session 9.9 DH Bike - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Weighing in at approximately 5 pounds*, Trek's Session 9.9 Carbon DH frame has opened the doors to new possibilities in the light downhill bike realm.

To illustrate just how easy it is to achieve an incredibly light downhill bike based around the Session 9.9 frame, Trek pieced together this bike using readily available components.

The complete build weighs just 28 pounds 13 ounces (13.07 kg).

Vital MTB was given the opportunity to ride the Session 9.9 for a full day at Whistler Bike Park, and we'll have an in-depth feature available for your eager eyes soon. Update: Read about our trip to Whistler on the Trek Session 9.9.

FORK / Rock Shox Boxxer Keronite
SHOCK / Vivid Air
CRANK / SRAM XO carbon
SADDLE / Bontrager Evoke carbon railed saddle
SEATPOST / Bontrager XXX Lite
HANDLEBAR / Bontrager Carbon 820mm handlebar
STEM / Point One direct mount
GRIPS / Bontrager Rhythm
WHEELS / DT 240 hubs, Bontrager Rhythm scandium 32 hole rims (TWR)
TIRES / Maxxis Minions EXO 2.5 tubeless

*The published frame weight is 7.2 pounds with a Fox DHX RC4 rear shock, which we know weighs ~2.25 pounds with a standard steel spring.

Credit: Trek/Sterling Lorence
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Project Flyweight: The 29lb Trek Session 9.9 DH Bike

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  • BP.

    12/3/2011 3:17 PM

    "will it blend?" - that is the question!

  • Christiaan_van der Laan

    10/6/2011 6:39 AM

    When will the lightweight trek session 9.9 test be put online?

  • Christiaan_van der Laan

    9/26/2011 2:34 AM

    Ah, yes, I was thinking the sam,e my parts on a Session 9.9. whould become too light I guess?

  • Uncle Cliffy

    9/25/2011 11:43 AM

    Sure, it's light... But, how does it ride?

  • NoahColorado

    9/25/2011 9:56 AM

    I can't imagine "heavy" parts helping in any situation, it's not like these bikes ride themselves - there's gonna be a 150-250 pound dude on them regardless.

  • SpokeApparel

    9/25/2011 8:22 AM

    Curious how many here weight their DH bikes and how many here prefer a heavier rig for stability, etc?

  • maxshralp

    9/25/2011 7:54 AM

    I have yet to flat my UST minions tubeless as well

  • Ol Dirty Jose G

    9/24/2011 10:10 PM

    me and a trek tech ran em at sol vista. tubeless (exos don't come in a dedicated UST form however) I'll try to figure out how to post a video of it blowing up in impact over-jumping the first mini migo. Not sure what rocks whistler has (never been there) but I started at 31 psi, flatted went 38, last flats occured running a frustrated 53psi I have video of most of the flats. I ran exos when my demo was sitting 35.2lbs, my buddies trek was 34.5 we both put on 2.5 UST minion. added almost 2 lbs no more flats.

  • cizznycle

    9/24/2011 8:36 PM

    For only the flattest of courses.

  • MattPatt

    9/24/2011 7:42 PM

    Tires on this bike were setup as tubeless, so flatting not so much of a concern, but getting to lower pressures for lower traction situations would be a concern... I got to take a couple runs on this bike and it was INSANE! Nimble would be an understatement.

  • bturman

    9/24/2011 7:17 PM

    Roots, that's not a typo. Bontrager is now offering an 820mm wide carbon bar. They can always be cut down, right? Details in the upcoming feature.

    Matt, there is a shield on the downtube, and carbon technology has come a long way in the past few years.

    Noah, bingo.

    Jose, not a single flat on these tires during two days of rock bashing at Whistler under various riders, though I wouldn't trust them as much as tire with a legit DH casing.

  • Roots_rider

    9/24/2011 7:06 PM

    32.25" wide bar eh? Typo?

  • NoahColorado

    9/24/2011 6:48 PM

    MRP G2 SL carbon right? You could save 52 grams with a Lopes guide, but you wouldn't be protected.

  • Ol Dirty Jose G

    9/24/2011 4:39 PM

    Add 2 pounds in tires, the exos are not usable for DH. I tried and got 8 flats in 9 runs

  • CrazyBacon

    9/24/2011 4:39 PM

    SDG i-beam micro carbon with a I-Fly, MRP Lopes guide with a Race Face Single ring etc...
    There is still some parts that can be changed to save even more weight god damn it

  • maxshralp

    9/24/2011 4:06 PM

    i want

  • Matthew_Vale

    9/24/2011 1:44 PM

    That's insane, hope the down tube is still burly enough it take rocks and stuff that get flicked up off the trail.

  • Joe_Wallbridge

    9/24/2011 1:32 PM

    Damn that is soo sick

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