The Greatest Day - Andorra World Cup DH Training

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We're too lazy to do a quick search to see if we said this exact same thing last year or the year before, but today in Andorra was one of the greatest days of downhilling. We're pretty sure we said it, but this day has to be better than before, right? When you get the fastest racers slaying the complete and utter dirt out of an epic DH course without the real pressure of the clock, there's no better spectacle for fans. Sure, race day has the drama, the winner is determined, the speeches are given and the podium champagne is sprayed, but the mystery is over and you move on with your life. Today in Andorra, everyone, literally everyone, was hauling ass during practice. You could see the stoke in their riding as turns were slashed, scrubs were snapped and brakes were dragged down ludicrous-steep pitches. Interviews are fun and peppy and we can still speculate about who looked faster without the stupid clock to tell us we're wrong. Andorra never disappoints and today we came away elated once again. Get fed.

​Sven Martin, @maddogboris and Dan Hearn, still getting the roost out of their hair (well, Boris and Dan are since, Sven, well, you know).

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