The 2014 Enduro World Series Kicks Off in Chile

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<b>Good morning Chillan!</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Southern hemisphere racing means golden glowing fall colors. You can't top this. Fabien Barel, first run of the year in EWS racing.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Jerome flying through the natural woods of Stage 2 in practice today.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Jerome is riding fast and loose here in Chillan, and has put no pressure on himself to defend his title from 2013. For him it is simply a new year and a new title to win.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>(Cedric in audio) This is why I love Enduro. Seven hours of bike time on three awesome trails. A lot of riders got two runs on each of the three tracks today. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Big mountains. Small rides.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Jared Graves is all business here in Chillan and after a strong off-season of training, he comes into this event as one of the heavy favorites.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Where's Waldo? Loamy, mossy goodness on Stage 2. No, it's not the BC Bike Race. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Anne Caroline looked more comfortable than most on the fast, upper slopes and was cutting across ruts to find the fast line in the corners.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Ludo May is new to the Canyon team this year. So too is this wild paint job. Zebra Camo is faster in the bush...stealthy too.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Former World Cup racer and neighbor of Sven's, Colin Bailey. He's out wrenching for Giant this year. He could probably give most of the field a run for their money if they let him race, too.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>If these tools could talk.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Anka Martin and her newly released 150mm travel Juliana Roubion.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>The next generation gets an early start in Chile.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Richie Rude throwing down some horses on Stage 2, a perfect mix of natural, flowing trail with a little physical pedaling up top for good measure.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Walker Shaw podiumed at the Sea Otter "Enduro" last weekend. Regardless of result, it's clear he's already winning in Chile.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Nico Prudencio placed 2nd at Andes Pacifico in February. Let's see if he can keep the momentum rolling this weekend with another strong result.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Meet Marzoochi's suspension tuning wizard, Pedro. He works on all the factory rider bikes, all over the world in both MTB and Moto. Today he's finally able to work from his home country of Chile.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Aurelien Giordanengo, fresh from the PMB DH where he used the same frame but different fork. Let's see how he goes on the Enduro featuring a lot more DH than that World Cup.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>If your shoes get dirty, use the built-in, trailside shoe scrubbers. They've thought of everything here in Chillan.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Despite the wide-bermed nature of these turns dropping into the forest, they were tricky and caught most riders off guard while braking in the deep dust and volcanic ash. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>They tape the course here, but really don't need to as there is little to gain by going off piste. Dylan Wolsky gets his lean on. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Lars goes to eleven. 11-speeds that is.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Marc Maurissen and Martin Maes discuss tire cuts that save weight and cut down on rolling resistance.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Applying tire cuts from the DH in South Africa to the EWS in Chile.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Riders gather near the refuge before dropping into Stage 2 for practice.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Chilean, Felipe Vasquez will be one racer to watch in the new Masters category. He's a pinner and you will probably see him at Hafjell Masters DH World Champs, too.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Avalanche debris or just Chilean bike destroyer? What's your line?</b> -Sven Martin
<b>The Nomads, more like the Bedouins, hiking up to the top of Stage 2 today on the volcanic pumice. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Since Chile is upside down on the globe, their seasons are upside down, too. Incredible fall colors on the upper slopes.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Graves' reaction to the new bits on Lars' bike.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Josh Carlson of Giant Factory Off-Road was on fire today, pushing hard and flying. He may have pushed too hard too early, however. A massive high-speed crash sent him to the hospital with a shoulder or collarbone injury. Heal up fast, Josh!</b> -Sven Martin
<b>(John Cancellier in audio) Rutted corners on rugged cliffsides would best describe the start of Stage 1.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Jamie Nicol negotiates the land mines hidden below the sandy surface at the top of Stage 3.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Ben Cruz High above Stages 1 and 2.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>A different kind of Sven Martin highlight.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>The top of Stage 1 is full of deep ruts that, when hit correctly, provide a ton of grip. Nico Prudencio finds out what happens when you hit one incorrectly.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Fabien found himself upon 3 riders stopped in the middle of the track. It's always interesting to watch the World's fastest pros mix it up on track with locals and amateurs. Moments after smashing this blind corner at full speed.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Defending U.S. Jr. DH champ, Walker Shaw, giving *real* enduro a try for the first time. After previewing Stage 2 he gave the Chillean dirt 2 thumbs up.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Ice greets the early morning starts.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>This was the evening view above Chillan and is also the beginning of Stage 4 which riders will practice for the first time tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for the beauty and battle from Chile.</b> -Dave Trumpore
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450 riders from 23 different countries got their first taste of dirt at the 2014 Enduro World Series in Chillean, Chile, and boy was it good! Mesmerizing, high-alpine vistas tower over singletrack winding through blazing fall colors to provide an other-worldly backdrop for a battle among the fastest mountain bikers on the planet. We can make fun of the Enduro craze until our chains fall off, but there's no denying that the scenery, terrain and riding at this race is unparalleled. Watch the show, then book a flight to Chile for yourself.

Thanks to Sven Martin and Dave Trumpore for their globe-trotting story.


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