Specialized A1 Ride Daze

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Specialized A1 Ride Daze - Specialized A1 Ride Daze - In Memory of Burry Stander - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Who's pumped for Supercross?! We are, and so is the entire crew at Specialized Bicycles. With the Anaheim 1 season opener just hours away, the guys at Specialized invited both the moto and mountain bike industries out to Laguna, California for a bit of fun on their MTBs. Jeremy McGrath, Mitch Ropelato, Wil Hahn, Johnny O'Mara, Curtis Keene, Victor Sheldon, Anneke Beerten, Bas de Bever, Nicky Hayden, Brian Lopes, Joe Lawwill, and Cal Crutchlow were all in the mix.

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Specialized A1 Ride Daze - In Memory of Burry Stander

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