First Look: Prototype 2014 Niner WFO 9 - Now Even Radder

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<b>Niner is making a big push into the enduro and aggressive all-mountain scene with the updated WFO 9 you see before you. With a slacker front end and more travel out back, Brad Cole fills us in on the details.</b>
<b>Even though the prototype has a direct mount front derailleur, note that production models likely won't. They're looking to shorten the chainstays even further.</b>
<b>Airformed tubing allows Niner to integrate the pivot into the seat tube as opposed to welding an additional piece onto a round tube. The CVA suspension system is complemented by angular contact Enduro Max bearings.</b>
<b>Check out the bend of the strut between the stays. The airforming process lets Niner to do this while maintaining consistent wall thickness. Pretty sweet.</b>
<b>The bottom bracket, lower pivot, and shock mount are all cleanly integrated into one piece. Looks like Niner will remain fans of the threaded BB as well with this version of the WFO.</b>
<b>Wanna get rowdy? Pairing the RockShox Pike with a tapered headtube, zero tack headset, and slack head angle is a great way to do just that.</b>
<b>For those looking to run a chainguide, Niner integrated ISCG mounting tabs into the frameset, one of which is on the lower pivot.</b>
<b>Red on black or blue on black? Tough decision.</b>
<b>Niner's cheeky slogan couldn't have been placed better at the Winter Park Enduro World Series. Pedal damn it!</b>
<b>Nate Adams lets it fly on the WFO 9 through the rocks.</b>
<b>Nate's comparison to his "other bikes" is encouraging, considering he has a good taste in aggressive rides.</b>
<b>Nice top cap. Gotta love those Fort Collins, Colorado roots.</b>
<b>Keep your eyes peeled...</b>
<b>Watch <b><a href=""></a></b> for the latest. This is one good looking ride.</b>
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Following a huge revamp to the Niner RIP 9 lineup, the WFO 9 was due for some upgrades. We spotted this prototype being ridden and raced at the Enduro World Series in Winter Park, Colorado. Sporting more travel, slacker angles, shorter stays, and a lower bottom bracket, the new rig looks like it means business.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Dave Trumpore -

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