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Short But Sweet! La Bresse World Cup DH Action 5

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Heaping spoonfuls of loam, a bucket load of crucial decisions and ever-changing conditions all confined to a two-and-a-half-minute track have made La Bresse quiet the spectacle in its World Cup DH return. Sven, Boris and Dan drop the roost bombs from a gorgeous day on the mountain during the first day of training.

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sspomer sspomer 8/23/2018 8:06 PM

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Man...that berm loaded full of photogs is ugly & yet tells you the sports come a bit, even though no one can seem to get a car company to sponsor anyone any more.
Am I the only one amazed at how few legit outside sponsors there are? At all.

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Well the series is sponsored by Mercedes Benz this year, so that's definitely been a big move in the right direction. Hopefully team sponsorships will follow

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Something I keep forgetting to crazy good is Martin Whitely as a scout? Angel looked the the one he missed, but nope. In the hunt, young, stylish....and poised to be another one to watch for years to come.

Also Gee is a beast.

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