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Seven Super Sexy Santa Cruz Solos - Seven Super Sexy Santa Cruz Solos - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

We're always going to call them Solos. You may know them as the Santa Cruz 5010. When Santa Cruz originally introduced the trail-blitzing machines, they were called Solo. There was some kind of copyright issue and Santa Cruz couldn't use the name Solo, so they swapped the S and L out for a 5 and 1. Clever. Without further ado, here are seven singletrack-ripping beauties courtesy of Vital MTB members and their Bike Check entries.

Vital member, alecwoolie, has his 5010 ready for some serious downhill shredding. A FOX DHX2 coil shock, FOX 36 fork and Specialized Butcher 2.6-inch front tire makes this red beauty prime for gobbling up the high-speed hits.

Learn more about this 5010 in our bike check section where alec answers questions about the fork travel length in the comments.

Credit: alecwoolie
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Seven Super Sexy Santa Cruz Solos

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  • thomascrenshaw

    11/14/2017 1:28 PM

    The build and custom gold decals on alecwoolie's SOLO (5010) were done by Frame Up Bikes in Walnut Creek,CA which by the was was recently featured on BKXC's YouTube channel. Check out the video and our shop on Facebook or Instagram

  • alecwoolie

    11/14/2017 1:13 PM

    Hey guys thanks for the publish! Sadly it's time to move on so I've posted my 5010 up for sale. If any of you guys are interested in it here's the ad.

  • Rydelean

    11/14/2017 12:44 AM

    Why is mine not in their

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