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Kyle Strait, mountain bike racing destroyer and freeriding's most notable no-handed-cliff-dropper held his second Dual Slalom invitational race this past weekend. Last year, Kayodic (as the old folks know him) and his wife Rachel, kicked off the head-to-head bike-battling bash on his backyard trails outside of San Diego. This year, they took the party up to Big Bear resort with sculpted berms, scrubtastic rollers and plenty of great racing. Oh, let's not forget that the prize purse was $10,000 for Pro Men and $10,000 for Pro Women. Winners took home a cool $5k for their zig-zagging performances. Those winners were Tommy Zula and Kialani Hines. Dig through the photo proof that slalom is still awesome, and so are Kyle and Rachel Strait. 

Left: Kialani Hines - Right: Jordy Scott during the final run at dusk

James Stokoe


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